Dawn’s UPCAT Review, The House, En Blaze, Informatics, Funtastic

After waking up, I decided not to prepare to go to work yet and do a lot of other important things that needed to be addressed.

Gas was going down on my car and I had it filled up with P160. Because that was all we got. I got P60, Marcia gave me P100. I chose to fill up at Petron Fairview near SSS Housing, because by experience, them seem to be filling up more than other stations.

Then I brought Marcia to work and went to the new house. I tested the LAN and it was not working well. I got the other receipts of what we owe to Ramos Hardware and brought the Aircon box which was a lot bigger than the hole in the wall! I decided to come back in the evening to test the LAN.

I then brought Dawn to Robinson’s for an ID picture that she might need at the UPCAT review, took a bath and brought Dawn to Our Lady of Lourdes School of Novaliches for the UPCAT Review.

I rushed home and took a quick lunch and headed for work. At work I started on with my XP2OP class where I basically teach MS Outlook and the basics of using the Internet. It was nearly no rest period, after modeling my blog template a bit, my XP4A1 class started. This is AutoCAD Module 1 and gave them an exercise while I work on with Funtastic again.

I was able to talk to En Blaze and passed the message that printing with the short notice was not possible, but I could come up with alternative ideas just for their presentation on Monday with some big company. They might have an NDA so I would not say the company.

After this class, I will then continue on with Funtastic.

4am and Still Awake

Funtastic getting better every minute, but each picture needs editing. Reminds me of P&J days and Simon Harrison. There websites were made in Internet Jurassic days and had many picture that were scanned, resized and edited, scanned, resized and edited, scanned, resized and edited. I requested some write ups for the site and once prepared, the site should be 100% done as well.

Funtastic Taking Shape, Overtime Pay, Server co-location Bills, En Blaze Impossibility

Funtastic Stuff is starting to take shape! I keep on uploading files of the updates here, and it is getting better every minute. I requested for some write ups already to finish the site in no time.

Lheng, the company accountant for Informatics Commonwealth kept on asking me on some clarifications on my overtime schedules and I do hope I get home tonight bringing my overtime pay. I need it badly. I will be needing to pay my co-located US Server next month and I’ve been using Marcia’s credit card that is passed it’s credit limit already. My credit cards are also passed it’s credit limit so I need the overtime pay to deposit it into my debit card so that my server is not disturbed for the next month.

En Blaze also wants to avail my print services and needs a rush job that should be done by the 17th. That’s on this coming Monday and it’s nearly coming to impossible. Such a short time to finish so many. But If I could squeeze in more time still, I will try it since money is still money and even for a small amount, it still helps.

Election Results, My Projects and Other work.

I remember just before I slept in the morning, FPJ was leading in ABS-CBNs quick count by about 15,000 votes, but now GMA is starting to pull away.

ABS-CBN Unofficial Quick Count Results as of 7:17AM on Tuesday, May 11, 2004.

Candidate Votes
GMA 587,027
FPJ 562,976

INQ7 / AMA Quick Count as of 8:40PM on Monday, May 10, 2004.

Candidate Votes
GMA 109,134
FPJ 108,642

I hope the result stay that way.

Now is my break time at Informatics and I get to work on other stuff so I am now working on the Funtastic website again which is now on it’s 3rd layout.

Check out how it is doing:

Funtastic Stuff Sample Sites

Sample 1
Sample 2
Sample 3

My morning 9am to 12pm class ended already and my next class is at 6pm and I am making the most of my time working on this site.

Still no Sleep and Work not yet done.

I haven’t slept since last night and did nothing but solve the problem of PhotoShop running on my computer. Up to now I haven’t solved it but I least I got a lower version up and running to just get me through this job. Funtastic’s deadline is yesterday and I am working double-time to get this up and running. So far I have uploaded the third sample already but there is still a lot to be worked on from there. But of course that is no good reason for a job not done. Classes today start at 9am and finish at 12pm, then I have another class at 6pm to 9pm. So about after lunch, I will update the client database, so once I get home, it is mostly coding. Many thanks to Mike and Eric that made everything run a lot more easier that saved me a lot of time. But if I feel so sleepy tomorrow, maybe I’ll just sleep through work then work on this site again in the evening.

Presidential Election Day, Belated Mother’s Day Celebration and Murphy’s Doing it again!

Today is presidential election day in the Philippines. But as usual I did not vote because I can’t, since I am not a Filipino citizen. Elections in the Philippines are sometimes violent, but so far, thank God this year seems to be a lot more peaceful.

I started out my day working on the Funtastic website that should be online today. Then everyone at home at lunch at Dory’s for a post-mother’s day celebration. At least Mom was able to rest from cooking. I had no money that day so Ats and Marcia paid for everything. It was also nice to have Allan Go around.

We then went out to buy a few stuff for the house, but we ended up just buying a clock. Once we got home I went on working the Funtastic site again and for some mysterious reason, Murphy has been playing around with PhotoShop and made it not run. Just when I really needed this online. I tried installing it again, it didn’t work. I tried uninstalling GrandVision DVII, since it was the last thing I installed, as well as DirectX 8.0. Still did not work. I am now downloading DirectX 9.0b, as well as a new driver for GrandVision DVII, they may be causing conflicts with PhotoShop. I have been downloading DirectX for the last 45 minutes, and I still have more than an hour left. The DVII driver is also taking some time. Will login again later for other updates.

PC Viruses, No Money, Many Work

Guess what, almost all computers at school, where I teach are infected with viruses and spywares. It is really hard to control all these computers with so many students downloading so many stuff everyday. I decided to clean some of them, but did not clean them all since it will take forever.

Payday is near and I do hope they now pay our overtime pay on time because if they don’t, they already owe me two overtime pays. That sucks.

After eating dinner, I started modifiying the .psd files I got from Eric. There were cool, but I didn’t get to finish all the conversion and cutting of the images for html / php / mysql integration. But I have a long day tomorrow to finish that. Then I decided to play around with my blog template, and this is the result. I was thinking of what ideal colors are ok, and I could not think of any colors until I just thought of our house that we are setting up right now. I just copied the same color scheme and this is what came out.

It’s early morning already and i haven’t had any sleep yet. So I better get some sleep since it is another long day tomorrow.

Late for Work, Paquiao, Business

I supposed to be out already and be at work. I didn’t get to leave in the morning basically because of all the things Marcia needed to buy for the house, and I needed to accompany her to the various shops. Now my plans were all offset basically because of Manny Paquiao.

Our Mother’s Day lunch celebration for Mom, Marcia and Ats was postponed and moved to May 13 instead, since it was a common time for everyone where we all had no work.

I haven’t printed my billing statements for my clients, and haven’t cut the .psd files I need for Funtastic, but will work on them today. Right now I have to run to work right away where I am already late. It is my PC Networks and Troubleshooting class today and I have to teach file sharing and printer sharing today. I’ll be home at 9pm and will cut the .psd and prepare my billings for tomorrow.

I wanted to finish the Paquiao fight before I left to go to work, but I could not wait that long anymore, anyway, I know it is a delayed telecast by a few hours in the Philippines, so I decided to check out the results at Fight News and found out it was a draw. Now after a tiring day already, I still have to dress up and go on to my teaching schedule at Informatics.

While online, I decided to update my AVG, Ad-Aware and SpywareBuster, SpyBot and GFI LANguard. All had updates except SpyBot and LANGuard (as expected). There must be some new virus / spyware out there. So did a full virus scan, as well as spyware scan and got nothing but safe cookies.

Now, I’ve got to go and will write new updates again later.

Using my Blog and What’s New

Today is my first long post on my blog. What I thought would be a short day at work, became a long one. I thought my classes were only ST109B (CorelDraw, Adobe PhotoShop) from 9am to 12pm and earlier decided to go home early, until the CCs (Course Consultants – our sales staff) told us that they open two new classes. XP2PP (Creating Effective Presentations in PowerPoint) and XP2PC (PC Networks and Troubleshooting.)

I supposed to have a meeting today with En Blaze Training School, Inc., but I cancelled it because of these new classes. Thanks to modern technology by Alexander Graham Bell, we just talked over the phone and they sent me a faxed document.

I have a pending website that has to be done by Monday for Funtastic International, Inc. and this has been delayed for sometime also due to work at Informatics and mainly Murphy Law’s playing with my computers, but I had things covered since my friend Eric is helping me out with this. (While I help him pay his bills.) Well thanks to Mike too who has been helping out with the backend programming. Sorry Terence, I didn’t pass anything to you since these are small projects, nothing left for outsource work. So I go for the cheapest option, which is straight to the graphic artist and programmer.

I’m now at work since 9am and will be here up to 9pm. I filed all my overtime pays as well and hope I get them soon since bills are really piling up already.

Tomorrow, Sunday will be a busy day finishing Funtastic, cutting the .psd files and plugging the CMS in PHP/MySQL, as well as creating the final draft corporate portfolio for En Blaze and have the cost computed for offset printing.

My credit card is due tomorrow and thanks to Marcia, she helped me out pay for my bills, where she lent some money where I used to pay the bills this day. It is cutoff day for my salary at Informatics and I hope that they did charge the overtime pay already and I hope I get my overtime pay on time, as well as the overtime payment for last month. Because I need it badly. Bankard is shouting already, as well as my sister for the last P15K I own her and my bro-in-law for the car I bought from them.

Got to pass by as well at my new house being setup at North Olympus and check things out and I need to get back the LAN tester and bring it back to Informatics since I just borrowed it. I will also come up with an e-card for Marcia, since I am just broke right now, but at least I have an e-card to send to Marcia for mother’s day.

My resignation letter for work is already written and is being proof-read by Marcia and after that, I will finalize it and probably submit it on Monday. I hope by June I am no longer working for Informatics and start on preparing all the stuff I need to work some place else.

Welcome to my Blog!

Hello everyone, I always wanted my own blog and always wanted to create my own one using PHP / MySQL. But my current work has me tied down with other stuff that I have to do that I nearly have no time to create my own blog. As much as I want my blog to have my own desired look and feel, it would be just too time consuming, thus I decided to use ready-made blogs such as this one. I’ll give credit to Terence a former partner of mine who recommended this blog site. Welcome to my blog!