Presidential Election Day, Belated Mother’s Day Celebration and Murphy’s Doing it again!

Today is presidential election day in the Philippines. But as usual I did not vote because I can’t, since I am not a Filipino citizen. Elections in the Philippines are sometimes violent, but so far, thank God this year seems to be a lot more peaceful.

I started out my day working on the Funtastic website that should be online today. Then everyone at home at lunch at Dory’s for a post-mother’s day celebration. At least Mom was able to rest from cooking. I had no money that day so Ats and Marcia paid for everything. It was also nice to have Allan Go around.

We then went out to buy a few stuff for the house, but we ended up just buying a clock. Once we got home I went on working the Funtastic site again and for some mysterious reason, Murphy has been playing around with PhotoShop and made it not run. Just when I really needed this online. I tried installing it again, it didn’t work. I tried uninstalling GrandVision DVII, since it was the last thing I installed, as well as DirectX 8.0. Still did not work. I am now downloading DirectX 9.0b, as well as a new driver for GrandVision DVII, they may be causing conflicts with PhotoShop. I have been downloading DirectX for the last 45 minutes, and I still have more than an hour left. The DVII driver is also taking some time. Will login again later for other updates.

PC Viruses, No Money, Many Work

Guess what, almost all computers at school, where I teach are infected with viruses and spywares. It is really hard to control all these computers with so many students downloading so many stuff everyday. I decided to clean some of them, but did not clean them all since it will take forever.

Payday is near and I do hope they now pay our overtime pay on time because if they don’t, they already owe me two overtime pays. That sucks.

After eating dinner, I started modifiying the .psd files I got from Eric. There were cool, but I didn’t get to finish all the conversion and cutting of the images for html / php / mysql integration. But I have a long day tomorrow to finish that. Then I decided to play around with my blog template, and this is the result. I was thinking of what ideal colors are ok, and I could not think of any colors until I just thought of our house that we are setting up right now. I just copied the same color scheme and this is what came out.

It’s early morning already and i haven’t had any sleep yet. So I better get some sleep since it is another long day tomorrow.