Funtastic Taking Shape, Overtime Pay, Server co-location Bills, En Blaze Impossibility

Funtastic Stuff is starting to take shape! I keep on uploading files of the updates here, and it is getting better every minute. I requested for some write ups already to finish the site in no time.

Lheng, the company accountant for Informatics Commonwealth kept on asking me on some clarifications on my overtime schedules and I do hope I get home tonight bringing my overtime pay. I need it badly. I will be needing to pay my co-located US Server next month and I’ve been using Marcia’s credit card that is passed it’s credit limit already. My credit cards are also passed it’s credit limit so I need the overtime pay to deposit it into my debit card so that my server is not disturbed for the next month.

En Blaze also wants to avail my print services and needs a rush job that should be done by the 17th. That’s on this coming Monday and it’s nearly coming to impossible. Such a short time to finish so many. But If I could squeeze in more time still, I will try it since money is still money and even for a small amount, it still helps.

Election Results, My Projects and Other work.

I remember just before I slept in the morning, FPJ was leading in ABS-CBNs quick count by about 15,000 votes, but now GMA is starting to pull away.

ABS-CBN Unofficial Quick Count Results as of 7:17AM on Tuesday, May 11, 2004.

Candidate Votes
GMA 587,027
FPJ 562,976

INQ7 / AMA Quick Count as of 8:40PM on Monday, May 10, 2004.

Candidate Votes
GMA 109,134
FPJ 108,642

I hope the result stay that way.

Now is my break time at Informatics and I get to work on other stuff so I am now working on the Funtastic website again which is now on it’s 3rd layout.

Check out how it is doing:

Funtastic Stuff Sample Sites

Sample 1
Sample 2
Sample 3

My morning 9am to 12pm class ended already and my next class is at 6pm and I am making the most of my time working on this site.

Still no Sleep and Work not yet done.

I haven’t slept since last night and did nothing but solve the problem of PhotoShop running on my computer. Up to now I haven’t solved it but I least I got a lower version up and running to just get me through this job. Funtastic’s deadline is yesterday and I am working double-time to get this up and running. So far I have uploaded the third sample already but there is still a lot to be worked on from there. But of course that is no good reason for a job not done. Classes today start at 9am and finish at 12pm, then I have another class at 6pm to 9pm. So about after lunch, I will update the client database, so once I get home, it is mostly coding. Many thanks to Mike and Eric that made everything run a lot more easier that saved me a lot of time. But if I feel so sleepy tomorrow, maybe I’ll just sleep through work then work on this site again in the evening.