Does it Look Like I Have Subluxation?

I just went to the doctors today due to some next pain, mainly the back of my neck, my nape. Somewhere on the rigth side that has been occuring for 1 week already.

I went to the doctor since it was already a week of pain and might be something more serious and my suspected problems were:


  • Something related to spine alignment. Pinched nerves due to vertebral subluxations. Can be due to improper posture, non-ergonomic work settings.
  • Stress, lack of sleep, related. Just failure due to no rest. Resistance to illnesses are going down, or…
  • Blood pressure related. Heart issues, etc.


After going to the doctors today, they did their deductive process of questioning. From previous physical activity, any recent accidents, sudden or gradual appearance of pain and other questions until they decided to give me an Xray.

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Trying Out Some Picasa Plugins

I love ZenPhoto, although I also love WordPress as a CMS platform and mixing these two will have two logins and can be confusing for other people so I am looking for the best photogallery out there that I can use with WordPress and so far after checking several plugins, I decided to try out altPWA. It pulls the images from any Picasa account. Let’s try it out with some Sea World photos.

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