Jorge and Vicky’s Wedding


I haven’t met Jorge, but I personally know Vicky who works at Einstein Industries where I used to work too. I was supposed to go to the wedding. I was all dressed up and prepared and ready to go, but some things just came up that one thing started to get connected to the other and I just could not get out on time. Sorry.

Anyway, I hope you like what I got you as my wedding gift.

Helping out people by blogging

Blogging for some people gives money, but it does not mean once you have a blog, you earn money right away. You also put some heart into it. Pushing the original content. Looking for what is catchy, what is sticky, what has viral effects. Adding some ads and you are on the way to go. It will start slow, but just do it and try to improve at it. Making more pages, more content, and just try to build your audience and let contextual ads do the trick as well as some affiliate marketing.

It is not really that easy as it sounds, but it is also not rocket science.

So far I have been helping out

Websaytko – Geri – Meena Bhavina
Isulong – Seoph Martinez

And I am guiding them build more traffic and hopefully create a regular readerbase.