Funtastic Taking Shape, Overtime Pay, Server co-location Bills, En Blaze Impossibility

Funtastic Stuff is starting to take shape! I keep on uploading files of the updates here, and it is getting better every minute. I requested for some write ups already to finish the site in no time.

Lheng, the company accountant for Informatics Commonwealth kept on asking me on some clarifications on my overtime schedules and I do hope I get home tonight bringing my overtime pay. I need it badly. I will be needing to pay my co-located US Server next month and I’ve been using Marcia’s credit card that is passed it’s credit limit already. My credit cards are also passed it’s credit limit so I need the overtime pay to deposit it into my debit card so that my server is not disturbed for the next month.

En Blaze also wants to avail my print services and needs a rush job that should be done by the 17th. That’s on this coming Monday and it’s nearly coming to impossible. Such a short time to finish so many. But If I could squeeze in more time still, I will try it since money is still money and even for a small amount, it still helps.

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