In tough times, I need to reassess the following…

In tough times, I need to reassess the following:

  1. Cable TV/Internet/Phone – Right now I’m with Time Warner Cable for all TV, Internet and digital land line phone. For cable, I think Cox is not available in my area. But I can do DishTV or AT&T Universe. For internet, the other option is AT&T DSL. For phone, AT&T, or might as well just use a MagicJack so it’s cheaper.
  2. Cellphone Package – Having an iPhone and several family members under the same plan, I think I am not changing providers, but I might look into the plans more and see whatever additional cuts I can make.
  3. Data Centers – I have been hosting many websites for many years, since 1997. Reseller hosting, Co-located servers, Dedicated Servers, VPS etc. Maybe it is time to check these out again see where I can save more.
  4. Domain Name Pricing – I am selling domains for many years at the price $8.88 even before NSI did the last price update on the .com and .net. Maybe it is time to move the price a little up.
  5. Primary Credit Cards to use – Having various credit cards, some have more interest than others. I have to reassess which ones I should use more and which ones I use less. And which ones I should pay off the whole complete balance right away.

whew, lots of homework for me.