aiculedssul – I Cracked the Mortal Kombat cheat code.

Mortal Kombat

I used to play this game a lot with friends on a PC, side by side on the same keyboard. I always wondered what some of my opponents were typing as the game was loading. Some cheat code started spreading in magazines and emails that you can increase the power of your player by typing in the code:


Type this while the game was loading and it worked. I always thought it was just some random characters, and I just recently found out what it meant.Β 

It has been around 10 years ago since I played Mortal Kombat on the PC. During that time I used to work at DLSU as a chemistry teacher for undergrad college students and during breaks, I’d sometimes play Mortal Kombat, (MK) both MK I and MK II, on the PC and go against some co-faculty members of the Chemistry department. It was very competitive that we all resorted to cheat codes when we can. *LOL*

I haven’t played that game in a very very long time but just yesterday, I was configuring my phones internet hotspot, and was thinking of a good password. I was going to use my default password for many accounts I own online, but I also knew from the nature of my work, there will be people that will want to connect to my hotspot in case of emergencies where we all need to connect to the Internet. So I decided to use something that nobody would know but I still remember. And for some reason, aiculedssul came to my head, and I knew it was a cheat code but was not even sure if it was really for Mortal Kombat.

Now I just decided to search around if this really meant something, and I ended up with useless sites of random characters, but there was one that did all the permutations of the character arrangements. And if you spell this backwards, it is lussdelucia. From that point De Lucia looks like a last name, so I assumed Luss is a first name. Again I searched and ended up with random sites with a bunch of names, but Luss belonged to another person while De Lucia or DeLucia belonged to another. I further searched Luss Delucia with the keyword Mortal Kombat and now I ended up with the right information.

Mortal Kombat II’s Associate Producers were:Β Alessandro De Lucia and Jay Luss.

Boom! Fatality!

If you still want to play this game on the PC, Β and try the cheat codes, you can still buy this on Amazon.

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5 thoughts on “aiculedssul – I Cracked the Mortal Kombat cheat code.

  1. Wooow !! Incredible work! πŸ™‚ I remember being mad that the combination was so damn difficult.
    I remember that the faster cpu u had the shorter time for typing it was. πŸ™‚

  2. Awesome!
    I just thought of aiculedssul, popped back into my head after years and years of no use (while trying to think of cheat codes for the game I’m developing). I didn’t even remember which game it was a cheat code for, just that it was a cheat code. And of course I never knew the origin of the code.
    Nice work. πŸ™‚

  3. i remember when i have been upgrading pc from 386 to 486 and pentium133, 266, 450mhz… for years, the time for insertion code was always shorter. i ended up to do it in 1 sec, so damn hard for 10-12 year old boy :>

  4. This post brighten my day.
    I still can remeber aiculedssul and almost all fatalities and secret moves and yet its often the case that i can’t remeber why did i go to the kitchen for πŸ˜‰

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