I need $7,000 by the end of this month

Sometimes I make suicidal decisions. I call them suicidal because they are like decisions that are more bound to fail but I still go for them always thinking I can overcome all odds. For some reason I always had this kind of attitude. I do not really call them stupid decisions but really challenging and if every it can be called to have calculated risk, it is really a tough calculation.

I decided to buy a piece of land

Ok, that even sounds good right? Land is always a good investment. Problem is I am not really the person that has a super deep pocket that can buy anything I want to. Last month, near the end of April, I went on a trip to take a look at some piece of land some one has offer me and wife. With the high cost of real estate and me having a full time job in an expensive city, and my wife who is less than a year in the US without a job yet, and us running a small business to make ends meet is not really the type of occupational situation we would want to have in investing in real estate. We have 2 daughters with us in the US as well. But why did I still decide to buy a piece of land?

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