Watching over your kids without watching?!?!

Growing up kids is enjoyable, you do not really want to spy on them, and still give them enough freedom to breathe, but you still would want to monitor them in a way just to ensure they are going up in the right direction.

In the information age, the Internet has been a tool that has been used in both good ways and bad ways. And I guess one concern of many parents is what do their children do online? Chatting and emails have been tools also of the malicious people looking for targets of prey, from pedophiles to scammers, phishing attempts and plain robbers getting information about your home. With the high volume of pornography, illegal gambling, illegal selling of drugs online and adult dating websites, you would want to take some extra precautionary measures.

One way to be sure is by the user of keylogger programs. A good keystroke logger can make parents feel more secure without staying over the shoulder of your children. A leader in the keystroke logging software is Spectorsoft. and you might want to check them out. They have been mentioned in several TV programs and magazines. They can monitor emails, blogs, surfing activity, chatting and more. This may also have other applications in the business world as well as in private investigation purposes.

As long as they roll…

I grew up seeing all sorts of magazines by Dad used to read. He used to read Car and Driver that I just used to cut out all this car photos as I was a kid. I was not car savvy and for me as long as it rolls and run fine. That is ok with me. I guess unless I really earn some good amount of income with a lot of extra to spare, I will be the car savvy type. And probably subscribe to Car and Driver magazine also.

Cool Freeware for PDAs

I found this cool site with a nice software for PDAs, Newsland. On my previous Palm’sthe m100, IIIxe, Zire 7.1 and Treo 600, I was a fan of AvantGo. But now that I got my new Treo 700 smartphone running on Windows Mobile. Newsland is the perfect replacement for AvantGo and I am happy using it synchronizing all the news I like, especially when I want to keep up to date with the latest in science and technology.Newsland is the perfect news application tool to keep up-to-date while on the go.

Business Card Creative Design

Geary Interactive Business Card Creative Design

I also do Web stuff at work. , Geary Interactive, An interactive agency in the heart of downtown San Diego I am one of the web guys in the creative department. Although I an not that skilled in interactive Macromedia Flash animation that the company where I work, Geary Interactive does, Geary has an excellent team of Interactive Flash animation designers that do that job for the clients. of GearyI – Interactive Agency Since Geary people at work are pretty creative, here is some creative work I do when the interactive advertising design workload is not that high at this online web agency in San Diego.

Geary Interactive Business Card Building Design San DiegoGeary Interactivate Web Design Downtown San Diego

Interactive Agency, Interactive Advertising Business Card Web Design Geary Interactive

Geary Interactive Advertising Agency Online Business Cards

Interactive Flash Media Design San Diego California

Geary Interactive Creative People at Work

Geary Interactive

Looking for a Job and is a Christian?

Many of us look for jobs online. There is (which is how I got my first job in the US), Yahoo Jobs, Dice, Craig’s List and more. I can say these job placement portals have served well for the technical professions. But sometimes, we feel the need to follow our vocation. To help and serve as we are called toward HIM.

If you are a Christian, and wishes to serve the LORD better and would want to work for HIM, please visit If you are being called, do not turn away, look for the job you want HE will welcome you with open arms.

God Bless You.

Interesting Script

I find this script interesting. It is called the Crush Calculator. You just input your name, and input 3 of your top crushes arranged in no particular order but it seems to detect which one is your top crush. I do not know if it is a coincidence, but Psychologist people have been explaining that behavioral patterns can be found in a name. Although names are given to us by our parents, but we seem to live on how our names treat us and we grow into having certain appearance, attitudes and other traits. Have you noticed that there are many Michelle’s that are cute and pretty? And there are many Richard’s that are tall? The people at Crush Calculator have perfected the name to traits algorithm that it can calculate the top crush among your 3 top crushes. Going more than 3 increases the percent error drastically and 3 seems to be a good number, so remember to place only your very very top 3 crushes.

Try it out: The Crush Calculator