Still no Sleep and Work not yet done.

I haven’t slept since last night and did nothing but solve the problem of PhotoShop running on my computer. Up to now I haven’t solved it but I least I got a lower version up and running to just get me through this job. Funtastic’s deadline is yesterday and I am working double-time to get this up and running. So far I have uploaded the third sample already but there is still a lot to be worked on from there. But of course that is no good reason for a job not done. Classes today start at 9am and finish at 12pm, then I have another class at 6pm to 9pm. So about after lunch, I will update the client database, so once I get home, it is mostly coding. Many thanks to Mike and Eric that made everything run a lot more easier that saved me a lot of time. But if I feel so sleepy tomorrow, maybe I’ll just sleep through work then work on this site again in the evening.

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