Who is the Tsikot.com Babe?

Tsikot.com has a new hot babe joining their group. Problem is, we don’t know who she is. Some kind of buzz marketing I guess. Here is my guess who is the tsikot.com babe is.

Tsikot.com Babe Photo - Picture of Tsikot.com Babe

I think my guess is wrong, but join in the community on Tsikot.com. There are more reasons to go there if you are into cars.

Vacation is over, back to work and car problems

Now I am back in the US. Vacation can never be long enough. Everyone sees vacation to be a short period of time. Well I got a 2 week vacation from my job. And the company I work for is really awesome in having me go on vacation to attend this SEO event, thanks everyone. I also organized a quick 2-day CSS, PHP and AJAX workshop for my brief stay in the Philippines. I maybe i have thanked the following people but I will thank them again.

  • Mike Lopez and Jason Torres – While I did the tableless CSS workshop on day 1, day 2 was excellently handled by Mike (PHP) and Jason (AJAX). Truly experts in their field. Thanks for being the lecturers in this area.
  • Reine Sison – Longtime industry friend who contributed in helping out in some of the event organizing troubles and for hosting and handling all registrations on the event website.
  • SEO Philippines – Thanks to the forum which help promote the event. It was mainly from this forum where i guaged if I have enough target audience to pull this off. So I guess the real person to thank is Marc Macalua who started this whole group about 2 or 3 years ago. Thanks Marc.
  • Participants – Of course thanks to all that registered and hope everyone was happy with the new things you have learned. People that learned about the event were either promoted via IM through friends from the Philweavers, PHPhilippines, PHPUG-Ph and others who learn about it from ICI.
  • Juliet Santiago-Chan – Center Business Manager of Informatics Computer Institute – Shaw Blvd. Center in Mandaluyong City. For letting us use her largest computer lab for the venue of the event.
  • My wife and daughter – Who helped out in tiny things and was patient to hang around the area when I helped in setting up the computers and organizing during the last day.
  • Everybody else I forgot to thank that I forgot about, thank you also.

But I guess the most rewarding thing for this vacation is being able to spend a lot of quality time with my family. Nothing beats that, these priceless yet very treasured time. I miss everyone back home already but it should not that that long until everyone is here also in the US.

Now it’s been a week already after my vacation and it’s all work again. Everyday endless optimization of websites. And after work, there are more websites to work on, not only for SEO but design and development as well and the whole project management and operations management, customer support issues everywhere. And jsut as the busy life comes back, here comes some additional expense of having a car. Maintenance problems.

Yesterday as starting my car, I felt this hard start and the car seemed having a hard time to run. While driving to work it felt like something was pulling the car backwards and the RPM would not increase as I step on the gas. Not risking going a long 10-mile drive to work the next day, I had it checked out today and a bunch of problems came out, although they said all these parts that need to be fixed, the 4 main problems are:

  • Engine tune up, spark plug and distributor cap issues
  • Leaking oil (I suspected this as the oil light flashes on the dashboard)
  • Worn out brakes (I felt this already, I knew I needed this checked)
  • Busted shocks (I knew this already when I had a tire change)

I am driving a 1994 Toyota Paseo, relatively old car. The shocks are still the originals so they are a bit old. But with all the expenses I could not really have everything done right away. So I chose to get the most important ones done first. The engine tune up and worn out brakes. I will get the cracking belts changed and have an oil change too. Then on my next pay day, that is when I will work on the oil leak and shocks.

The person I was talking to said: “I don’t know how much money you would want to spend on a ’94 Paseo, but it’s up to you.” So what is he saying? Don’t spend on it and implying to buy a new car? Maybe but I think after this tune up, this can run another good 3 years with less bills to pay. Just the occassional oil change, tires and brakes. Getting a new car is paying a higher amount for a longer period of time. Well I don’t know either, I did not do the math, this is just my rough esitmates. My car is not that problematic that it becomes too expensive to maintain. And having cars just to look cool is far from my personality. I just need a good fast car to bring me from point a to point b.