PC Viruses, No Money, Many Work

Guess what, almost all computers at school, where I teach are infected with viruses and spywares. It is really hard to control all these computers with so many students downloading so many stuff everyday. I decided to clean some of them, but did not clean them all since it will take forever.

Payday is near and I do hope they now pay our overtime pay on time because if they don’t, they already owe me two overtime pays. That sucks.

After eating dinner, I started modifiying the .psd files I got from Eric. There were cool, but I didn’t get to finish all the conversion and cutting of the images for html / php / mysql integration. But I have a long day tomorrow to finish that. Then I decided to play around with my blog template, and this is the result. I was thinking of what ideal colors are ok, and I could not think of any colors until I just thought of our house that we are setting up right now. I just copied the same color scheme and this is what came out.

It’s early morning already and i haven’t had any sleep yet. So I better get some sleep since it is another long day tomorrow.

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