Using my Blog and What’s New

Today is my first long post on my blog. What I thought would be a short day at work, became a long one. I thought my classes were only ST109B (CorelDraw, Adobe PhotoShop) from 9am to 12pm and earlier decided to go home early, until the CCs (Course Consultants – our sales staff) told us that they open two new classes. XP2PP (Creating Effective Presentations in PowerPoint) and XP2PC (PC Networks and Troubleshooting.)

I supposed to have a meeting today with En Blaze Training School, Inc., but I cancelled it because of these new classes. Thanks to modern technology by Alexander Graham Bell, we just talked over the phone and they sent me a faxed document.

I have a pending website that has to be done by Monday for Funtastic International, Inc. and this has been delayed for sometime also due to work at Informatics and mainly Murphy Law’s playing with my computers, but I had things covered since my friend Eric is helping me out with this. (While I help him pay his bills.) Well thanks to Mike too who has been helping out with the backend programming. Sorry Terence, I didn’t pass anything to you since these are small projects, nothing left for outsource work. So I go for the cheapest option, which is straight to the graphic artist and programmer.

I’m now at work since 9am and will be here up to 9pm. I filed all my overtime pays as well and hope I get them soon since bills are really piling up already.

Tomorrow, Sunday will be a busy day finishing Funtastic, cutting the .psd files and plugging the CMS in PHP/MySQL, as well as creating the final draft corporate portfolio for En Blaze and have the cost computed for offset printing.

My credit card is due tomorrow and thanks to Marcia, she helped me out pay for my bills, where she lent some money where I used to pay the bills this day. It is cutoff day for my salary at Informatics and I hope that they did charge the overtime pay already and I hope I get my overtime pay on time, as well as the overtime payment for last month. Because I need it badly. Bankard is shouting already, as well as my sister for the last P15K I own her and my bro-in-law for the car I bought from them.

Got to pass by as well at my new house being setup at North Olympus and check things out and I need to get back the LAN tester and bring it back to Informatics since I just borrowed it. I will also come up with an e-card for Marcia, since I am just broke right now, but at least I have an e-card to send to Marcia for mother’s day.

My resignation letter for work is already written and is being proof-read by Marcia and after that, I will finalize it and probably submit it on Monday. I hope by June I am no longer working for Informatics and start on preparing all the stuff I need to work some place else.

Welcome to my Blog!

Hello everyone, I always wanted my own blog and always wanted to create my own one using PHP / MySQL. But my current work has me tied down with other stuff that I have to do that I nearly have no time to create my own blog. As much as I want my blog to have my own desired look and feel, it would be just too time consuming, thus I decided to use ready-made blogs such as this one. I’ll give credit to Terence a former partner of mine who recommended this blog site. Welcome to my blog!