Playing Around with ZenPhoto, iFoto and Plogger

After seeing a bunch of photos on my hard drive, most of which I planned to post online, but I never seemed to be able to since 2004 as I have been just busy. I have been using ZenPhoto for some time on other websites and has tried iFoto and Plogger. I did not do a real good comparison of the three but I just did ZenPhoto for a client before and I tried installing iFoto for personal testing which I never did again. And I just tried Plogger for photos uploaded by my sister-in-law and I found it nice but did not take the time to create some good template for it.

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Silva vs. Crocop

I am a fan of Kazushi Sakuraba because of his poker face he has when fighting. Although dangerous he has this expressionless face without much rage and likes to acknowledge the skills of his opponent even if he wins or loses a fight. Mainly a wrestler, he has fairly enough striking skills. But I found it sad watching him loose to the animal like Vanderlei Silva in all 3 fights they had in the past. Silva is like this beast that is going to eat you alive. Although one of Silva’s popular fights was when he lost by knockout to Vitor Belfort with Belfort’s extreme punching power and fast hand speed. You win some, you lose some, but Silva’s history has proven he is one hard person to match in the octagon and PrideFC. Being a practitioners of several martial arts myself, I like watching UFC and PrideFC as well as reading and interacting with others like in UFC and Pride forums.

Mirko Crocop on the other hand is this lean mean Russian fighter, formerly in the armed forces with great striking skill and precision. Crocop is popular for his high left roundhouse kick to the head that has already knocked out many opponents in the past.

These two fighters are really tough ones, and face Crocop and Silva together? What do you get? They fought September 10 last year and here is the result:

Protect your hands in MMA

MMA has evolved over the years. Popularized by UFC and PrideFC. MMA is a combination of martial arts skills where fights like these were not that popular decades ago which is a combination of striking and grappling skills. I guess the initial striking fights that were popular 10 years go are only boxing and kickboxing. And in grappling it would be Greco Roman wresting, Brazillian Jui Jutsu and Judo. And in MMA, it mixes many of these arts.

Mixed Martial Arts GlovesIn striking contact sports like boxing and kickboxing, the hands are protected with boxing gloves. And in grappling martial arts, the hands have no gloves to be able to grip on well to your opponent. And since MMA has merged these 2 kinds of disciplines, this is where the fingerless gloves came out. As various martial arts have various styles, various types of gloves also came out specially made for the martial art discipline you are practicing.

An excellent place to buy the perfect glove for your own purpose would be at KarateDepot. KarateDepot’s wide variety of MMA gloves will just have the one you need. They have all the major brands as well like Everlast, ProForce, Century and KD Elite.

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Ants Vs. Spider

I grew up in another country, and where I came from, small spiders are like toys, where kids get their own spiders and use them in spider competitions. The game is simple, just get a barbecue stick and each player holds one end of the stick. Then a spider is placed on each end. Then we let each spider fight each other and who every falls down the stick first, loses. Another game is with beetles where their hard wing shell is folded up and pinched on one end of a slitted barbecue stick and another on the other end facing each other. They are placed in a lined circle area on the ground, preferably on soil and not concrete and it is like a sumo match. With all these games as kids, we sometimes tend to experiment. And we have done moth larvae versus a spiders where the moth larvae won since it has some stinging hairs. I have also got a moth larva and placed it in a path of red ants just to see who will win this battle and I have seen a moth larva lose to the large volume and group effort of red ants. I remember my wife watching this also as I was curious with the battle that was just happening on the gate of our house. And here is one interesting video, but these are not kids having fun. These are American soldiers spending some time having fun with insects and spiders (a spider is not an insect.) Probably to temporarily take out the loneliness of being away from their family and being sane with the insane war. Below is some specie of spider versus from ants. Although the spider won, these ants are not red ants. They are black ants that are not usually equipped with claws on their mouths. Aside from that, ants have the advantage in numbers and a good communication skills to cal for backup. This is a case of a limited number of ants within a plastic bottle and a very big spider. not really that big, but too big enough for the ants. Well I know this is boring. But it is interesting to me. 🙂

Looking for good camera deals

I am no hardcore professional photographer. But shooting better images has always sparked my interest being in the web design and development industry as most of time we buy stock photography from places like iStockPhoto, Corbis and Getty and others for many of the websites we make. After some time, you get used to looking at very good photos and bad photos. And getting good photos is starting to be like a hobby as I try to learn how to do this and I totally have no photography background.

I currently have a Nikon D50 which is like the cheapest camera out there that can take decent photographer quality photos, although I know there are way better cameras out there, but since I am starting out, I guess the Nikon D50 is a nice one to start with in my novice photography self-exploration.

But now, I need all these other accessories and other stuff to make things a lot more perfect. So far Optics Planet seems to be the right place for all my camera needs. Cameras, lenses, even telescopes and camera binoculars. They have a lot of night vision cameras, scopes, goggles and binoculars too. I guess anything with lens on it. Optics Planet seems to be a good place to start shopping.

Orion Meteor Shower

I heard over the radio that this weekend is the Orion meteor shower. These meteor showers happen once a year and usually are named after the constellation where it occurs. These meteor showers don’t really look like it is raining meteors, but you may get to see one or two or more shooting stars in a night. Shooting stars are not really stars but small objects like rocks that when are captured by the earth’s gravity and accelerates, they generate enough heat to melt them up and being small, they don’t have the opportunity to even reach the earth’s land or sea surface.

Meteor showers that make more than one occurrence of these shooting stars more than once in a night are usually the fragments of a comet left behind from the path a comet takes. And since these comets have a fixed path, so do their fragments have a fixed location and when the earth passes by this path, this is when we see the meteor showers.

Problem is I do not know where to look. I used to have a software on my computer that shows all constellations in the night sky, but I uninstalled it. I usually ask Mike Lopez who has a telescope at home and knows his constellations well but he was offline. I tried searching, and Google was just not that updated with the current sites talking about the meteor shower. And maybe it is about time to buy my own telescope too. And this brings me to thought of all these other stuff I want to buy, like a night vision cameras and binocular cameras. But maybe I’ll do these next time when I have a house with a big back yard to set things up and will probably get into astronomical photography. I think that would be cool.

Mouths and Exerting Physical Effort

I first noticed this from my nephew, Alan Go. My late dad came from a family of 10 brothers and sisters so you can expect me to have cousins that are way older than me. And Alan Go was the son of my older cousins so me and Alan did not really have our ages too far apart. During out BMX years, when fixing bicycles, I noticed Alan when tightening a bolt, or exerting some physical effort, his lips go near to his gums and shows his teeth and the sides of his mouth stretch as if he was going to smile, be he is not smiling. And it is in perfect sync with his physical effort. The more physical effort needed, like when he opens a tight bottle, the more his lips go into that certain position.

I notice this early in other people, and I barely noticed myself, and when I started paying attention to myself, I have another mannerism, where when I exert some physical effort, my lips roll inward and in some occassions, my tongue partially goes out. I also noticed I do not only do this with physical effort, but with mental effort as well like when I am thinking hard on some computer program, or solving whatever PC problem I may have.

When I told this to my wife, she told me about her dad. That his lips keep moving in this certain manner, which I also observed and indeed, it does move when he is exerting some effort.

You think we’re all weird? Well Michael Jordan always takes out his tongue when going for a dunk. Sometimes even just for a lay-up, he takes out his tongue already. We are all weird. 😀

Grow Fast

I remember there was a time when I was riding the MRT which is one of the public transport elevated electrical city trains in the area where I used to go to college. Someone suddenly tapped my shoulder and was asking how I am like he knew me already.

I was still puzzled who I was talking to, until I finally remembered who. He was Alex, who was someone I know from highschool. I was surprised how taller he was and in highschool he was way way smaller, real small. And the big difference was just so great I had no idea who I was talking to at first.

How can someone grow so fast so large? I myself am puzzled, but all I know Alex worked his way to be tall. He was really looking for all remedies that he can do and a friend of ours mention he once accompanied Alex to buy some Chinese growth balls and all these other stuff stretching stuff.

Technology of today is a bit more advanced now. There are known Human Growth Hormones (HGH) such as Sytropin HGH. Sytropin is an advanced blend of HGH, L-group amino acids, and Growth Factors that help you look, feel and perform at your best. This can be purchased without a prescription and has well documented positive results.

So those that want to get a few more inches added to their height that may even simply boost their self esteem, there are many options to do. They do not really just make you grow like magic, they simply enhance the growth process.

Just some random BMX Flatland Freestyler

Just decided to look for any recent BMX flatland freestyle video on Google. This was the more recent one I found, a 14 second video of some dude. In this video he is doing a Firehydrant, to decade, to forkwheelie, to backyard combo. Something I miss doing but I feel like I have no more time for BMX and is deciding to sell my BMX and jut buy a mountain bike. Maybe a hardtail, just to keep my cardio up.