Protect your hands in MMA

MMA has evolved over the years. Popularized by UFC and PrideFC. MMA is a combination of martial arts skills where fights like these were not that popular decades ago which is a combination of striking and grappling skills. I guess the initial striking fights that were popular 10 years go are only boxing and kickboxing. And in grappling it would be Greco Roman wresting, Brazillian Jui Jutsu and Judo. And in MMA, it mixes many of these arts.

Mixed Martial Arts GlovesIn striking contact sports like boxing and kickboxing, the hands are protected with boxing gloves. And in grappling martial arts, the hands have no gloves to be able to grip on well to your opponent. And since MMA has merged these 2 kinds of disciplines, this is where the fingerless gloves came out. As various martial arts have various styles, various types of gloves also came out specially made for the martial art discipline you are practicing.

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