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I am no hardcore professional photographer. But shooting better images has always sparked my interest being in the web design and development industry as most of time we buy stock photography from places like iStockPhoto, Corbis and Getty and others for many of the websites we make. After some time, you get used to looking at very good photos and bad photos. And getting good photos is starting to be like a hobby as I try to learn how to do this and I totally have no photography background.

I currently have a Nikon D50 which is like the cheapest camera out there that can take decent photographer quality photos, although I know there are way better cameras out there, but since I am starting out, I guess the Nikon D50 is a nice one to start with in my novice photography self-exploration.

But now, I need all these other accessories and other stuff to make things a lot more perfect. So far Optics Planet seems to be the right place for all my camera needs. Cameras, lenses, even telescopes and camera binoculars. They have a lot of night vision cameras, scopes, goggles and binoculars too. I guess anything with lens on it. Optics Planet seems to be a good place to start shopping.

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