Just some random BMX Flatland Freestyler

Just decided to look for any recent BMX flatland freestyle video on Google. This was the more recent one I found, a 14 second video of some dude. In this video he is doing a Firehydrant, to decade, to forkwheelie, to backyard combo. Something I miss doing but I feel like I have no more time for BMX and is deciding to sell my BMX and jut buy a mountain bike. Maybe a hardtail, just to keep my cardio up.

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2 thoughts on “Just some random BMX Flatland Freestyler

  1. Benj,

    Hi there! I was searching for bike shops here in the Philippines and one of the results in yahoo displayed your bmx blog page. I got excited.

    I’m an old-school BMX freestyler as well and I find it really nice to find one who likewise do blog. I’ll add your page to mine.

    More power.

    Cris N.

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