Automatic Electronic Configuration in Excel

Automatic Electronic Configuration Excel File
Just enter the atomic number and the electronic configuration appears.

Just another Excel exercise, displaying electronic configuration. All you need to enter is the atomic number (which is also the number of electrons in the atomic state of an element) Nothing really special, just some series of if statements and some text formatting.

Download it here: Electronic Configuration Excel File

January 19, 2020 Update:
I just felt like adding a VLOOKUP table to display the symbol and element name below the atomic number.

Using Microsoft Excel in Solving 2 or 3 Unknown Variables Using Matrices in Row Echelon Form

My daughter was working on some match assignment solving algebraic equations but instead of doing the usual transposition stuff, she was solving it in a matrix setting them up in row Echelon form. Something even I needed to review a bit to refresh my memory how it is done.

She then asked me if Excel can solve this to double check. And I said yes and no. There is no automatic way to show the row Echelon form of the matrix but I can certainly make some way to display it. So challenge accepted.

If you need to review yourself on the row Echelon form, I found this video to be useful.

If you need an MS Excel file that can solve 2 or 3 equations with 2 or 3 unknown variables respectively in matrices using the row Echelon form and needs to see the complete solution, you can try this file I’ve created. If you find this useful, you are free to use an distribute as long as you mention it was made by me, and link back to this page. Enjoy! Download it here: Row-Echelon-Form


Math/Logic Problem and Answer

Five employees at the Wild Fowl Publishing Company each come to work by a different one of five means: car, railroad, subway, and walking. They hold these positions at the company: art director, editor, publisher, receptionist, and secretary. Two of them are men named Finch and Marten, while three of them are women named Fulmer, Gannet, and Hawk. From the information given, determine the position held by each person as well as the means by which each one gets to work each day.

  1. Neither of the men walk to work but one is the art director and the other is not the publisher or secretary.
  2. The publisher is named Hawk or Fulmer and none of these takes the railroad or a car.
  3. Mr. Finch does not come by railroad and he is not editor.
  4. The female receptionist is not named Fulmer and neither of these two walks to work.
  5. The secretary does not take the bus to work.


Math / Logic Problem


  • Mr. Finch is the Art Director and drives a Car.
  • Mr. Marten is the Editor and takes the Railroad.
  • Ms. Fulmer is the Secretary and takes the Subway.
  • Ms. Gannet is the Publisher and Walks to work.
  • Ms. Hawk is the Receptionist and takes the Bus.

So What’s Epal?

Five Classifications of Epal
Five Classifications of Epal

I was about to re-share a photo posted by When In Manila on Facebook, when a friend of mine here in the US saw it. The image had everything written English, except for one word, which was Epal. I had to explain it and gave the etymology of the word. And I decided to blog about it’s etymology.

What is Epal?

Filipinos have this weird way of turning some words into Filipino slang words by flipping the order of syllables, or flipping the order of sounds, or flipping the order of some letters or all letters. Where that method of creating slang words came from,  I don’t know.

Looking at the word epal, this originally started with the Tagalog word for paper, which is papel. When you flip the two vowels, it turns into pepal, and after saying it over and over by various people, for some reason, the first “p” got dropped and turned into epal.

So What if Epal means Paper?

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Super Moon! May 5, 2012 Photos – View from San Diego, California

Photo 3 of Super Moon taken on May 5, 2012 from San Diego / Escondido, California
Super Moon taken on May 5, 2012 from San Diego / Escondido, California


So probably many of you have heard tonight May 5, 2012) is the night when the moon should appear larger and brighter than it normally is. I can definitely see that it is indeed brighter. But seeing the moon to be larger would not be that easy to notice. According to the smart science people (you know astronomers, NASA people, Wikipedia updaters and stuff in news results), the moon will appear 14% larger. C’mon, would you even notice that?

Supermoon May 5, 2012 - The moon is 14% bigger, but can you really notice 14%?
Supermoon May 5, 2012 - The moon is 14% bigger, but can you really notice 14%?

For those that already took a look outside, did you noticed any difference in the appearance of the moon? Were you disappointed if the supermoon didn’t look as super at all? If you look at the image above, 14% increase may be hard to notice in a circle. Read on to find out which one of the circles is larger.

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Manny Pacquiao Transforms Antonio Margarito’s Face

Antonio Margarito's face transform into a "zombie like" appearance after fighting Manny Pacquiao

Fight went the distance for 12 rounds of non-stop action. Manny Pacman Pacquiao wins by unanimous decision. Another achievement by the Filipino fighter. Learn more about his interesting boxing career.

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Greatest Boxer of All Time – Paperback
Book by Freddie Roach
Yes, Manny Pacquiao also writes books. He is the author of this hard cover book.

Trying to Work Remotely

My daughter Jamie has been going to all these different venues for her dance recital, rehearsals, fair events, etc. It’s a Saturday and I need to just work on some spreadsheet and email over the weekend. Perfect! Now seems to he a good time.

I’m now at the Joan Kroc Theater were Jamie’s doing a dress rehearsal for her recital tomorrow. And right beside it is a library, and I tell myself, perfect, I can quickly go in and out and get this thing done in the library but nope… It’s not going to happen.

Library has no free Wifi – well that’s ok I thought. I can use the PCs in the library.I though everything was ok then…

I don’t know my webmail password – since Outlook at work saves my password, I really do not know it. There was no request or forgot password options on the web-based script Horde. Anyway I can reset my password in the web admin panel. I thought everything will be ok… Then…

I don’t know the admin panel password – but I have it saved in a password repository software. In runs on my laptop and on my home PC. I can access my home PC by LogMeIn. I thought everything will be ok then…

The library cannot run LogMeIn – the only browsers were IE and ActiveX controls and some Flash was not allowed to run. And enabling them was also not allowed. Anyway I got the LogMeIn app on my iPhone… I thought everything will be ok… Then…

I could not edit the spreadsheet! – on my phone, I did logmein, go to web based admin panel to change my email password. I open the email in the library PC, download the Excel file and it didn’t open. I was saved in an Excel 2007/2010 format. The library was running Excel 2003. Anyway Microsoft has a compatibility add on from the MS website… I thought everything was going to be ok… Then…

MS Excel 2003 compatibility pack would not install – ok so I really cannot open it since any type of installs were prohibited in these PCs. Well I can still go it remotely by LogMeIn on my phone. But editing a spreadsheet on a very small screen?

I can but no way. I’ll just do it when I get home. 🙂

Good Lunch Discussions Today with Officemates

It’s my first week at work, and the week ran by fast since there is a lot of work to do and you barely felt the week pass by. During lunch at Pho Cali, there were several interesting topics that came out and there were many things I also wanted to share, that I didn’t really mention right away not to divert conversations into another direction.

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