What I need to do before 2007, and what I need to improve on in 2007

Before 2007

  • Finish all client projects – Probably one of the toughest, but I will push through with it.
  • Answer client calls – I still have many pending issues, either by email, voicemail, or our support ticket system. Projects are overwhelming and just taking over the time of everything.
  • Fix up room – Due to all client projects, this is what is also delaying everything else in my life.
  • Greet everyone – I am not done with all my Christmas greetings. It is still a long way to go but I have partially sent all my ecards already.

In 2007

  • Get back in shape – Especially in cardiovascular endurance. It is more of a psychological war to me than a physical limitation since I tend to compare myself to my physical abilities in the past when I was competitive in various sports and I tend to compare what I can do before and what can I do today and this has depleted over time. Which sets frustrations in. Unlike if I was just starting and was unaware of my past, it would be easier.
  • Concentrate on customer support – I am considering on adding a good CRM system, and concentrate more of the production processes than doing production itself.
  • Develop production teams – And since I am not going to concentrate on production, I will develop production teams of my own. Sometimes I can never be contented with the code and I am strict with the code. So hopefully, I get to find the right people to do it that has nice and clean code.
  • Fix computers – Basically my workstations, I have 1 windows PC running and 1 laptop, both on dual monitors. My Mac is temporarily not used because of the convenience I get with dual monitors on my PC and I have no monitor for the Mac. I have 2 more PCs that are not running that I will fix where one will be my Linux workstation and the other I will give away or sell.
  • Sell printers, scanners and photocopier and maybe my fax machine too – I will buy a 4-in-1 color laser printer, copier, scanner fax machine probably, it will be a space saver in my small office-home office setup.
  • File management – if my room is a mess, so are some of my files. And have a better organized backup system.
  • Watch more movies – Mainly not for recreation, but awareness of trends. Awareness of the market. I will just probably sign up with Netflicks and watch at home.
  • Attend tradeshows – This can be expensive, so I will probably just attend 2 or 3. I am targeting Search Engine Strategies, Search Marketing Expo and maybe Webmaster World’s Pubcon.
  • Go to church more often – Although I have my own meaning of the church, my own definitions, my own belief, I believe I am not in conflict with the teachings. I may even augment and strengthen my faith, but if I share it with others, it might just confuse other people and they will say I am weird or something. So i do not share my belief, but my belief is basically having my religion entangled with science and they are actually united in a way and are not divided as some people may think.
  • Get a new video camera – The Internet is all about video next year. More Internet marketing activities will involve a lot of rich media, so I need a video camera, and will start working on some video editing skills, and if time permits it, try working with some animations as well.
  • Get a new lens for my digital camera – Maybe a lens with a better aperture and some F-stops and will try to do some magic with my amateur photography skills.
  • Speaking engagements – Will probably talk more in mini shows, mini conventions, small training seminars I can arrange. Probably both in the US and in the Philippines.
  • Buy some VOIP hardware setup – This is for better customer support as I will have someone dedicated to work for me on the other end of the world for my US customers, who can also immediately implement some technical help needed. With this setup, which I do not plan to abuse also, but I can use after office hours for cheaper calls to my family by installing a VOIP gateway as well on the other end.

So far I only have those to do. Maybe even more but I haven’t planned it out that well yet. Let’s see.

Why is Santa Red?

Actually Santa Clause did not wear red and had no specific color and was often dressed up in red, blue, green, or purple. Until a Boston printer named Louis Prang introduced the English custom of Christmas cards to America, and in 1885 he issued a card featuring a red-suited Santa. This version of Santa was then starting to replace all other colored Santa Clauses.

Although some people believe the red Santa Clause was made by the Coca Cola Corporation, this is not true, although Coke helped in making the red Santa Clause the more ubiquitous as they used the red Santa Clause in their marketing campaigns as early as the 1930s. And that kind of closed the choices of colors and red is already like the uninanimous known color of Santa Clause.

I wonder what would have happened if an artist kept using other colors and Pepsi would be the first one to use Santa Clause massively in their marketing campaigns? A blue Santa would emerge?

Here is a video greeting by people I used to work with. I guess all we need is a blue Santa to brighten up our day.

Coke and Pepsi are registered trademarks of their respective companies. Benj Arriola thinks the people working at Geary Interactive are cool. Benj Arriola is no longer connected in anyway to Geary Interactive except for maintaining friendship with the people that work there.

Colors on Santa Clause if Pepsi was first to use Santa Clause in their marketing campaigns is just my personal opinion and do not reflect the opinions of any company mentioned, nor their management, staff and employees.

Morning Car Accident

With all these projects to work on, I can barely catch up with the ongoing Ituloy AngSulong SEO Contest as I can see my rankings drop. Maybe I will try to do a little, every night just to maintain the ranks. And so far in Vorgermilten, a real contest or not, hopefully I still get the prize, as the contest ends on December 31, 2006 as I am currently on the 3rd position and I don’t know if it is going to get any higher.

Well today was just like any day where I drive to Downtown San Diego along the highway 15, then on to 163 before heading into downtown. As the road narrows down upon entering downtown, a group of cars suddenly stop, but my distance still has enough time to react appropriately and I know although I may have a sudden stop just at the end I will not hit the car, and true I didn’t. But the car at the back of me, who even had a larger distance between us, was able to hit the brakes but I guess was not enough as I felt it bump the rear of my car, pushing it to hit the one in front of me.

We all moved to the shoulder, putting on our hazard lights. The white guy in front of me goes out, takes a look at his bumper as I look for some papers that I cannot find. The Indian dude goes out of the car at the back, and I go out and check my bumpers too.

Everyone was still able to hit the brakes and there was no serious big impact. And the white guy says: I fine, and I look at my bumper, it looks cool too. I look at my back, it had some small scratch, but my car is an old second hand car full of scratches and I said: This is an old car; it’s full of scratches anyway. The Middle Easterner says: I have an 8 year old car. Meaning the red paint scratches from my car on his gray car means nothing to him. Then the white dude, says: Guys, I’m fine, I’m gonna take off. I say: Me too, all good, no problem at all. And the guy from India goes to us and says shakes our hand and says: Thank you sir. Thank you sir. So we all leave unharmed and with very small scratches and paint exchange. Not even any major dents.

Free Tibet

Brief History of Tibet

This video starts with introductory notes from Lhandon Tethong, Executive Director of Students for a free Tibet about Tibet and its history.

She mentions that Tibet’s history is rich with religion and bright colorful traditions of dance and song with influences from China, Nepal and India as their location are near these countries. As much influences came from these countries, Tibet was still isolated in its high elevation gave its own unique identity.

The Invasion of China

In 1949, China invaded the independent nation of Tibet coming from the east. This China communist rule took control of Tibet. In the next ten years, this became a desperate situation for Tibetan government.

Since 1959, the Dalai Lama lived in India along with probably 135,000 Tibetans and the Tibetan government that functions in exile.

Charlotte Priddle of Students for a free Tibet – London mentions that over the next decade, people begin to rise up and fight back. From then repression rate became extremely severe.

The Chinese government was then set to attack anyone that was a Tibetan government official, anyone in the monasteries and nunneries. Over 6,000 monasteries and nunneries were destroyed, tens of thousands Tibetan lives lost.

Anyone found to break Chinese law, were imprisoned and tortured. Some Tibetans have spent more than 30 to 40 years in jail whose crimes were no greater than having a photo of the Dalai Lama in their homes or was caught practicing Tibetan Buddhism.

Tibet Geographic Map

Tibet’s boundaries are not even distinct having various area claims as shown on Wikipedia.

Palden Gyatso – Tibentan Buddhism Monk

In response to the repression of the Tibetan people, a worldwide activism has emerged. Palden Gyatso, a Tibetan Buddhist monk, spent 33 years in prison, whose crime was taking part in a demonstration and putting up a poster. In prison, Palden Gyatso was beaten and brutalized beyond human belief. He would be tied up in ways that even pop out his shoulder joints and he would simply pass out due to the pain. Common instruments of torture, are cattle prods that are meant to be used on cattle electrifying them to make cattle move were used on people. Nuns in prison were raped with these cattle prods. Palden Gaytso has experienced even having these cattle prods inserted in his mouth and this electric shock is so great and has lost all his teeth with a shock.

Cattle Prods and various instruments of torture used by Chinese on Tibetan Prisoners

Above are cattle prods and various instruments of torture used by Chinese on Tibetan prisoners

With the pressure of Amnesty International and a letter writing campaign, Palden Gyatso was released from prison. Unlike many other Tibentan prisoners that may have escape prison that just never want to go back. Palden Gaytso visited the prison once more and bribed the guards to give some of the instruments of tortured used on the prisoners and brought them when he got out of prison going to India. This gave the world a visual vision on the torture prisoners of China have experienced.

“Because violence can only breed more violence and suffering, our struggle must be nonviolent and free of hatred.”

– His Holiness
The Dalai Lama

Faith in Exile – the Lessons of Tibet

Payden Gaytso striking behavior is he has no hatred against the people that did the tortures to him. He has no hatred against the Chinese government. He truly embodies the belief of Tibetan Buddhism, of love and compassion even for one’s enemy.

The Economic Invasion of Tibet

Lorne Stockman, a Environmental Consultant of the Free Tibet Campaign, mentions that Tibet is a rich resource country with many copra reserves, gold reserves and minerals that China desperately needs for its own economic development. Resources are extracted and taken out of the region and brought to China to fuel economies that are not trickled down in any way to the Tibetan economy. For 50 years the Tibetans have been suffering in occupation where they are brutalized if they have any decent in that occupation by the Chinese government. In these 50 years onwards, there has been no signs of China loosening their grip and in fact is tightening it. With the advancement of technology, this has enabled them to extract the natural resources China knew Tibet always had.

The Rush to Complete the Railway to Lhasa

China has been rushing to complete the Gormo-Lhasa railway to Tibet’s capital, Lhasa. Tibetans fear that his railway will give a larger influx of Chinese settlers, and increase the rate of depletion of the already depleted natural resources of Tibet and complete China’s colonization of Tibet.

Under pressure from activist, the British Petroleum has pulled out a deal with China in 2004 and the Chinese government has also been releasing Tibetan political prisoners. Releasing more than 10 since 2002, and yet more than hundreds are still in prison today. Tibetans are still regularly detained, tortured and imprisoned.

Help to free Tibet now

Find out how you can help Tibetan’s nonviolent resistance. Visit the Free Tibet Campaign and Students for a free Tibet.

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Congratulations Genesis Lazo and Mary Jane ‘Jempoe’ Arriola – Wedding on March 10, 2007.

Jane, my cousin, who we call Jempoe, is finally getting married. Congratulations! Best wishes to you both. I hope I can make it there on your wedding day. Most probably I can. Let’s see.

Genesis Lazo and Mary Jane Arriola

Genesis Lazo and Mary Jane Arriola’s Wedding Webpage can be found here.

When I used to teach Chemistry at DLSU, I kind of remember a student of mine from Vigan with the Lazo last name. I believe she is related to Genesis. Now just give it a few more days. Maybe 2 to 3 days, search Google, for Genesis Lazo – Mary Jane Arriola Wedding, or Marriage or Nuptial and this page should come out. At least if people are searching for you online, and can’t remember your wedding webpage, I will still lead them in the right direction. Congratulations again, Best Wishes and I do hope I can make it on your wedding day.

Mouths and Exerting Physical Effort

I first noticed this from my nephew, Alan Go. My late dad came from a family of 10 brothers and sisters so you can expect me to have cousins that are way older than me. And Alan Go was the son of my older cousins so me and Alan did not really have our ages too far apart. During out BMX years, when fixing bicycles, I noticed Alan when tightening a bolt, or exerting some physical effort, his lips go near to his gums and shows his teeth and the sides of his mouth stretch as if he was going to smile, be he is not smiling. And it is in perfect sync with his physical effort. The more physical effort needed, like when he opens a tight bottle, the more his lips go into that certain position.

I notice this early in other people, and I barely noticed myself, and when I started paying attention to myself, I have another mannerism, where when I exert some physical effort, my lips roll inward and in some occassions, my tongue partially goes out. I also noticed I do not only do this with physical effort, but with mental effort as well like when I am thinking hard on some computer program, or solving whatever PC problem I may have.

When I told this to my wife, she told me about her dad. That his lips keep moving in this certain manner, which I also observed and indeed, it does move when he is exerting some effort.

You think we’re all weird? Well Michael Jordan always takes out his tongue when going for a dunk. Sometimes even just for a lay-up, he takes out his tongue already. We are all weird. 😀

Grow Fast

I remember there was a time when I was riding the MRT which is one of the public transport elevated electrical city trains in the area where I used to go to college. Someone suddenly tapped my shoulder and was asking how I am like he knew me already.

I was still puzzled who I was talking to, until I finally remembered who. He was Alex, who was someone I know from highschool. I was surprised how taller he was and in highschool he was way way smaller, real small. And the big difference was just so great I had no idea who I was talking to at first.

How can someone grow so fast so large? I myself am puzzled, but all I know Alex worked his way to be tall. He was really looking for all remedies that he can do and a friend of ours mention he once accompanied Alex to buy some Chinese growth balls and all these other stuff stretching stuff.

Technology of today is a bit more advanced now. There are known Human Growth Hormones (HGH) such as Sytropin HGH. Sytropin is an advanced blend of HGH, L-group amino acids, and Growth Factors that help you look, feel and perform at your best. This can be purchased without a prescription and has well documented positive results.

So those that want to get a few more inches added to their height that may even simply boost their self esteem, there are many options to do. They do not really just make you grow like magic, they simply enhance the growth process.