Congratulations Genesis Lazo and Mary Jane ‘Jempoe’ Arriola – Wedding on March 10, 2007.

Jane, my cousin, who we call Jempoe, is finally getting married. Congratulations! Best wishes to you both. I hope I can make it there on your wedding day. Most probably I can. Let’s see.

Genesis Lazo and Mary Jane Arriola

Genesis Lazo and Mary Jane Arriola’s Wedding Webpage can be found here.

When I used to teach Chemistry at DLSU, I kind of remember a student of mine from Vigan with the Lazo last name. I believe she is related to Genesis. Now just give it a few more days. Maybe 2 to 3 days, search Google, for Genesis Lazo – Mary Jane Arriola Wedding, or Marriage or Nuptial and this page should come out. At least if people are searching for you online, and can’t remember your wedding webpage, I will still lead them in the right direction. Congratulations again, Best Wishes and I do hope I can make it on your wedding day.