Trying to Work Remotely

My daughter Jamie has been going to all these different venues for her dance recital, rehearsals, fair events, etc. It’s a Saturday and I need to just work on some spreadsheet and email over the weekend. Perfect! Now seems to he a good time.

I’m now at the Joan Kroc Theater were Jamie’s doing a dress rehearsal for her recital tomorrow. And right beside it is a library, and I tell myself, perfect, I can quickly go in and out and get this thing done in the library but nope… It’s not going to happen.

Library has no free Wifi – well that’s ok I thought. I can use the PCs in the library.I though everything was ok then…

I don’t know my webmail password – since Outlook at work saves my password, I really do not know it. There was no request or forgot password options on the web-based script Horde. Anyway I can reset my password in the web admin panel. I thought everything will be ok… Then…

I don’t know the admin panel password – but I have it saved in a password repository software. In runs on my laptop and on my home PC. I can access my home PC by LogMeIn. I thought everything will be ok then…

The library cannot run LogMeIn – the only browsers were IE and ActiveX controls and some Flash was not allowed to run. And enabling them was also not allowed. Anyway I got the LogMeIn app on my iPhone… I thought everything will be ok… Then…

I could not edit the spreadsheet! – on my phone, I did logmein, go to web based admin panel to change my email password. I open the email in the library PC, download the Excel file and it didn’t open. I was saved in an Excel 2007/2010 format. The library was running Excel 2003. Anyway Microsoft has a compatibility add on from the MS website… I thought everything was going to be ok… Then…

MS Excel 2003 compatibility pack would not install – ok so I really cannot open it since any type of installs were prohibited in these PCs. Well I can still go it remotely by LogMeIn on my phone. But editing a spreadsheet on a very small screen?

I can but no way. I’ll just do it when I get home. 🙂

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  1. Hi Benj

    I was just reading the Social Media Bible and came to your Insight. I just read your Insight. Re-“Markable” content is so important! (I got that saying originally from New Rules of Marketing and Pr) I’m working on a plan to go viral with social media/networking here in Billings, Montana. They are so behind here. I hope to help the businesses start using Social Media to grow there Biz. I have a lot to learn about SEO thats for sure!

    Thanks for your insight!

    Paul Coltharp

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