Good Lunch Discussions Today with Officemates

It’s my first week at work, and the week ran by fast since there is a lot of work to do and you barely felt the week pass by. During lunch at Pho Cali, there were several interesting topics that came out and there were many things I also wanted to share, that I didn’t really mention right away not to divert conversations into another direction.

Sean’s Interest:

Sean with his level of detail on many ancient architectural structures and his desire in learning more about symbolism, I asked him if he read Erick Von Daniken’s book. I believe you would like this Sean: Chariots of the Gods It’s a good buy if you are really interested in this stuff. I liked it.

Steve & Christi’s Mentions of Alternative Fuel/Propulsion

Not really related to the fuel itself, but I suggest you get to watch this:

The electric car existed in many versions before hybrid cars were even invented. Many prototypes came out and some actually bought these cars in the past. But it is a combination of the government, the oil industry and the car manufacturers themselves made it go away for selfish reasons. I bought my copy from Stater Bros, but I no longer see it there. But Who Killed the Electric Car is easy to buy online. Maybe even cheaper too.

Ceci, Sean, Melanie, Steve and Christy all talked about the 911 Conspiracy

As I have said… I used to sell LooseChange 911 but already received a cease and desist order to continue selling it. But the old URL I had is still up and I just play one of the versions on the URL and I do not sell the video anymore. It is on

Everyone also talked about the Zeitgeist video, which I know Christi already sent by email to everyone.

And before we entered Pho Cali, good interesting topics on blogging, affiliate marketing and other stuff. This is not my primary blog that makes money. But the discussion is good. Talk about something and make money. 🙂 BTW… the books and videos above are really good, you should buy them all now! *wink* LOL This is actually a blog I do not want to show anyone anymore since I hate the design already. This blog is soooo old. Evolved from 2003 to present.

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2 thoughts on “Good Lunch Discussions Today with Officemates

  1. Hi Benj! Nice to know you’re doing well in your new job. 🙂 Of the stuff you mentioned, it’s only the “Who killed the electric car” that I haven’t seen yet.

    Sean – you have to read Chariots of the Gods. I believe there’s also a video documentary based on the book.

    Loose Change 911 – made me think a lot.

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