Manny Pacquiao Transforms Antonio Margarito’s Face

Antonio Margarito's face transform into a "zombie like" appearance after fighting Manny Pacquiao

Fight went the distance for 12 rounds of non-stop action. Manny Pacman Pacquiao wins by unanimous decision. Another achievement by the Filipino fighter. Learn more about his interesting boxing career.

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Trying to Work Remotely

My daughter Jamie has been going to all these different venues for her dance recital, rehearsals, fair events, etc. It’s a Saturday and I need to just work on some spreadsheet and email over the weekend. Perfect! Now seems to he a good time.

I’m now at the Joan Kroc Theater were Jamie’s doing a dress rehearsal for her recital tomorrow. And right beside it is a library, and I tell myself, perfect, I can quickly go in and out and get this thing done in the library but nope… It’s not going to happen.

Library has no free Wifi – well that’s ok I thought. I can use the PCs in the library.I though everything was ok then…

I don’t know my webmail password – since Outlook at work saves my password, I really do not know it. There was no request or forgot password options on the web-based script Horde. Anyway I can reset my password in the web admin panel. I thought everything will be ok… Then…

I don’t know the admin panel password – but I have it saved in a password repository software. In runs on my laptop and on my home PC. I can access my home PC by LogMeIn. I thought everything will be ok then…

The library cannot run LogMeIn – the only browsers were IE and ActiveX controls and some Flash was not allowed to run. And enabling them was also not allowed. Anyway I got the LogMeIn app on my iPhone… I thought everything will be ok… Then…

I could not edit the spreadsheet! – on my phone, I did logmein, go to web based admin panel to change my email password. I open the email in the library PC, download the Excel file and it didn’t open. I was saved in an Excel 2007/2010 format. The library was running Excel 2003. Anyway Microsoft has a compatibility add on from the MS website… I thought everything was going to be ok… Then…

MS Excel 2003 compatibility pack would not install – ok so I really cannot open it since any type of installs were prohibited in these PCs. Well I can still go it remotely by LogMeIn on my phone. But editing a spreadsheet on a very small screen?

I can but no way. I’ll just do it when I get home. 🙂

Good Lunch Discussions Today with Officemates

It’s my first week at work, and the week ran by fast since there is a lot of work to do and you barely felt the week pass by. During lunch at Pho Cali, there were several interesting topics that came out and there were many things I also wanted to share, that I didn’t really mention right away not to divert conversations into another direction.

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