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I love ZenPhoto, although I also love WordPress as a CMS platform and mixing these two will have two logins and can be confusing for other people so I am looking for the best photogallery out there that I can use with WordPress and so far after checking several plugins, I decided to try out altPWA. It pulls the images from any Picasa account. Let’s try it out with some Sea World photos.

[altpwa user=benjarriola album=SeaWorld2008]

Ok after trying this out, here are a few issues I see that makes this gallery not perfect.

  • Duplicate content issues. I like he fact that each photo can have it’s own URL, but it is the same blog post URL with the same content before and after the blog post. To make it perfect, each image in the individual image view should exclude the text on top and below, and just text related to the main image displayed. And if possible, the comments and social bookmaking links should be for the individual image only. A workaround would be in the blog post itself, running exec-PHP plugin in the blog post and checking the GET variables passed.
  • In Lightbox JS mode, the images seem to inherit the previous captions if the caption is blank. Ins tead of showing blank captions, it shows everything in the previous one and may not make sense in some images.
  • Drop down selection in the settings within the WordPress Admin, for the link to Picasa and if Lightbox mode is on or off, does not reflect the current state settings and just displays Yes on both even if they are currently set to No.

But so far compared to all other Picasa Plugins, I like what this plugin has got started, so I might just modify things here on how I would want this to be and whatever changes I do, I will send them back to the author to see if he wants it to be a permanent change within the core plugin code.

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