Does it Look Like I Have Subluxation?

I just went to the doctors today due to some next pain, mainly the back of my neck, my nape. Somewhere on the rigth side that has been occuring for 1 week already.

I went to the doctor since it was already a week of pain and might be something more serious and my suspected problems were:


  • Something related to spine alignment. Pinched nerves due to vertebral subluxations. Can be due to improper posture, non-ergonomic work settings.
  • Stress, lack of sleep, related. Just failure due to no rest. Resistance to illnesses are going down, or…
  • Blood pressure related. Heart issues, etc.


After going to the doctors today, they did their deductive process of questioning. From previous physical activity, any recent accidents, sudden or gradual appearance of pain and other questions until they decided to give me an Xray.

As I expected they didn’t see anything. Everything looked normal to them.

[altpwa user=benjarriola album=MyNeck]

But I also know not all doctors are good looking at bones, looking at the spine which is the specialty of the Chiropractors. I myself has been treated by a Chiropractor in the past and for me, the best Chiropractor is Jameson Uy who is based in the Philippines. He has fixed many issues with my body especially during my BMX and Taekwondo days.

Now I am based in the US, and I went to a Chiropractor here in the US once, and I believe they know what they were doing. But the processes was too long, too many back and forth visits, and vas very expensive and was not covered by my HMO plan. in two visits, about $1,200 came out of my pocket. So my wife then suggested, then why not just spend $1,200 on a plane ticket to the Philippines, go to Jameson Uy, and you even get to have a chance to see your mom again in the Philippines. That actually sounds like a good idea. Cost effective and serves another purpose.

But… before I decide to do that, June is probably not a good month. Too much work at my job and also too much work here at home in my own business stuff. I’ll get over June first and finished a bunch of pending stuff and maybe July is a better month.

But to all Chiropractors that reads this blog post and sees the images above, I do not know if the quality is good enough for you to view online and see if there are any subluxation issues I have with my neck. If you feel like sharing your thoughts, please do in the comment box.

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7 thoughts on “Does it Look Like I Have Subluxation?

  1. Hello idol. Idol ingat ingat lang po sa trabaho. Kaw rin kaso kung ako tatanungin, if love mo ung work talagang gagawin mo ung dapat diyan. Good luck soon idol. 🙂

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