Illusion Image of Marilyn Monroe or Albert Einstein?

I have seen many optical illusion images in the past usually playing with angles, perspectives or differences in contrast, but this one plays with distance and with the blurry and clear. Below you will initially see an image of Albert Einstein Einstien since I all assume all of you are reading this blog post from a computer.

Albert Einstein or Marilyn Monroe

Now watch this change into Marilyn Monroe Marylyn Monrow by simply stepping about 2 meters away or further. Marilyn Monroe suddenly appears. It actually looks wierd walking closer and seeing it change.

My explanation of the Marilyn Monroe / Albert Einstein image illusion

This is not based on any group research with studies on waves & optics and visual perception, but just using what ever common sense I have… this is simply a blurred image of Marilyn Monroe with a slightlytransluscent image of Albert Einstein superimposed on top of it. Since Abert Einsteins image is mainly the face and some hair are in fine lines where these lines tend to look blurry from a far, we really can see Albert Einstein’s details. This is when we start tying to focus on the blurry image behind it.¬†As you step backwards any image gets blurry the farther you are from the image. But our minds tend to make the most out of the blurry image and deciphers what you are really looking at and makes kind of accurate visualization of what you are seeing. A blurry Marilym Monroe really is how she would look like from a distance, so seeing it from a far distance will really look like her in your head.

Note again: This is my explanation and I may be wrong. Although I firmly believe it is true and you may believe otherwise. What do you think anyway? Do you know any other similar illusions? Do you think photoshop masters can simply recreate this illusion? If you think you can, give me a comment and tell me where you posted your work.

Image Credit: I found this on Jim’s Pages

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