Magnitude 5.4 Los Angeles California Earthquake

While working on my computer at the 17th floor of a building in Downtown San Diego, I felt the tremors right away and looked outside the window. Since all other buildings were not in close proximity, you cannot see that much the strenght of the sway but my window blind were moving to show that this was undeniably an earthquake in San Diego.

Some group of employees ended up going down the stairs from the 17th floor just to safe just in case there were any after effects. We went to a deli about 3 blocks away and stayed there for a while.

After coming back, I checked the epicenter right away. It was at 33.955 degress North and 117.765 degrees West that registered 5.4 on the Ritcher scale detected by Seismographs from USGS, Caltech, CGS, UCB, UCSD and UNR. The location was about 46 kilimeters away from the LA Civic Center.

The 5.4 Intensity Los Angeles california earthquake was registered at 18:42:15 UTC (GMT 0) which was 11:42 am local time.

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Although San Diego is not that close to the epicenter, if you take a look at the ShakeMap, San Diego seemed to have some amount of shake that was even more than in some areas between San Diego and Los Angeles.

After coming from the Deli, some were a bit hessitant to go back to the building asking if it was safe. Probably a precautionary measure for any aftershocks although the Southern California Seismic Network has only a 30% probability of any after shocks.

Did you feel the earthquake? How was it in your area?

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7 thoughts on “Magnitude 5.4 Los Angeles California Earthquake

  1. I felt the quake for about 10-15 seconds. I was swaying back and forth on my chair, thought nothing of it. Next time, I’ll be sure to quickly move to the door frame (as anyone should) to brace for safety.

  2. I work in Sorrento Valley, close to Del Mar. We felt it pretty strong in our building. Honestly, it seemed like 2, maybe the latter was the aftershock. Our building is a few stories up, felt like it was shaking pretty bad. Being from Dallas and living out here now for close to 7 years this was the first one Ive felt that actually rattled me a bit…

  3. I was at a stop light in my car. And my car had started to sway like when a car speeds by way to close. I was tripping out. I didn’t even know that there was an earthquake until everyone and their mothers called to ask, “did you feel that earthquake?!?!”

  4. I admit, I ran down the 17 flights of stairs. Man, I figured it was safer than the elevators and those stairwells are supposed to be reinforced, right?! I couldn’t hang when the sparkletts water bottle went cockeyed. YIKES!

  5. felt the earthquake off the shores of santa maria. only a couple seconds long, not strong at all. felt it in the middle of the ocean on an oil rig, now thats crazy

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