SEO Contest Like Busby SEO Challenge as a Personal Promotional/Marketing Tool

I join contest in the past mainly to test what I know and in the process learn more. And after doing about 2 or 3 of them, my attitude changed into I am joining SEO Challenges because I want to win! I liked these SEO competitions and worked a great deal into them trying my best to win and so far it paid off. Now it seems that after winning the previous SEO contest I have joined, it has helped promote myself, market myself to the Internet community mainly in the Philippines and other countries outside the US. Then I have seen more and more blog post talking about me (but not linking to me grrrr *LOL*) and I guess with the information out there I have seen a good mash up of information and is pretty accurate with the information about me but this site never contacted me about it. I have a professional profile on the Philippine Government’s National Computer Center. Listed in their Consultants / IT Professionals List. But there is nothing really special about that since they have a pretty long list of Filipino IT Professionals. I am just surprised with the length of info i have that is accurate. But again I am also not surprised since after reading the profile, I know where the information came from, interview blog post, other people I know that blogged about me, I blogged about myself, from my social media profiles, mainly LinkedIn and other stuff. (Wala man lang link papunta sa akin. *LOL*)

I still do not consider myself any special compared to others. I have many friends in SEO Philippines, where many of them may look up to me and view me as someone who many know a lot, but I know many of them may know more than me already, they just don’t know they do. SEO contest work like magic promotional tools if you win as if you become better than others which i still truly think that is not the case.

Just like right now in the Busby SEO Challege, I am like, errr no where? And it seems international SEO contest is a competition of France, Philippines and Indonesia. And not far behind are India and Bulgaria. And many people from SEO Philippines are pulling away already trying to catch up with the strong French team.

Right now I barely have the time to catch up, so much work to do but hopefully I get to start working on my site again in the next few days.

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