My Only Free Time Not Working

Monday, October 8, 2007 was one of my free days so I made the most out of it. I woke up at 10:00am and needed to run real quick to the mall to the currency exchange since I had no money to spend. I was going to have my phone fixed but did not have the time to, nor did I have time to get a new SIM card to be able to coordinate with my my daughter who I was going to visit at school. Anyway, I just went there and gave all the things I needed to give during her lunch break and she introduced me to all her friends. Show her the video of her little sister and got her video greetings as well.

I then rushed back to avoid any traffic coding problems since my license plate is allowed to go around at 10:ooam to 3:00pm only on Mondays and the next time I could go out would be 7:00pm. I used tghe rest of the day shopping with Mom, buying stuff I need, clothes since I didn’t bring any when I came to the Philippines. I bought a new computer for Domie, the company secretary overall office all-around manager, customer support, etc.

After doing all of that, I barely had time to finish my presentation where it is not 4:00am Tuesday and in a few minutes I should be preparing to leave and go to Makati for the SEM Conference. I was planning to have a more presentable company website but I barely had the time to work on that too. Right now I am going to prepare all my stuff and head to the family house at Teresa Heights where I will also meet Mike Lopez in the morning who will also be attending the SEMCon.

Benj Arriola reporting on Day 2 in the Philippines for my wife to read in San Diego.

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2 thoughts on “My Only Free Time Not Working

  1. Ei Benj! First things first… thanks for the ride. I hope you got home safe. Second thing… hmmm I can’t think of a second thing. Hehehehe.

    Cya tomorrow in Day 2.

  2. I just would like to say that your presentation at the SEMCON was one of the best… and among the ones I liked, of course. I learned a lot about handling megasites and how to SEO them. 😉

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