The Geeky Family

My life right now runs in the online world. An internet marketing related job that makes me always online at work, and a business at home doing the same thing. Since I do a lot of work online, I know I need the computer most of the time and I also know my family needs computers for leisure as well. So each family member had a laptop 😀

The Online Family - Needs Ergonomics

While working at home finishing up an ecommerce site, and getting tired seeing all the code, I took a nap and found my wife and 5 year old daugther browsing around and it’s nearly 11pm. Ate Dawn was not there that time, but if she was, she would probably be on her laptop also. My 5 year old is starting to be a night owl too like everyone else. Hmmm not good for her I guess. Although I must say I was the exact same way when I was kid. I slept late all the time up to 12:00am. And today it’s even worse, I sleep like 1:00am all the time. Not good at all. I need to modify my whole working process, too many manual stuff and less automated processes. Which will give more quality time with my family instead of having everyone online individually doing their own thing which is my target goal for the future since I like playing games with my family, maybe because that is how I grew up and so far I haven’t replicated that with my own family. When I was a kid I grew up with Monopoly, Sorry, Clue aka Cluedo, Mastermind, Chess (I suck at Chess, maybe because I always felt bad losing to my Dad all the time and I never won once), Checkers, Connect Four aka Bingo Chess, Games of the Generals aka Salpakan. Even Tic Tac Toe was entertaining to me. Card games such as Rummy, Trump, Gin Rummy, Pequa, Crazy Eight, Poker, Russian Poker aka Pusoy, Pusoy Dos, Tongits (similar to Rummy and Mahjong for cards), Bluff, 123 Pass, Monkey-Monkey (card pairs game), Blackjack, Lucky 9, Speed, 41. And when we had no one to play with, each family member knew maybe 4 or more ways to play Solitaire. And when I got a bit older, the family boding favorite was Mahjong, Boggle aka Word Factory and Scrabble.

Today, my family is not playing any games, maybe after I fix my working schedules, the Wii might do the trick. I like the Wii since it will be more tiring and will promote better exercise for my online family.

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  1. Ha! Looks like they’re having fun. Hope you can manage to fix your work schedule soon so you can spend more quality time with them. To be honest, that’s basically my problem too. 😀

  2. BTW – In April 2006 you mentioned that you had just started Raymond Aaron’s program. Was it helpful? Were you able to stick with it? I just bought it and am not sure if I should keep it (and try finding the time to do it on top of all the other things I need to do) or return it. He says there is a money back guarantee, but I was just wondering if you have any thoughts as to whether it works. If possible, please email me directly / privately – even a one sentence response would help. Thanks!

  3. cute pic. I was just wondering, what sites do your daughter visit? =) My 3yo daughter likes to browse the nickjr website, of course I still do the navigating for her.

  4. When my daughter was 3 she was into, disney playhouse and nickjr. Today she likes going to,, disney channel, BeBratz and just recently she told me to buy a Rescue Pet for I bought the Golden Retriever and she has a name for it.

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