No Lightning Please

I am now in San Diego, and it is 9:30pm as I am typing this on a Friday evening, March 10th. All my lights are closed since I am sleepy already and is preparing to sleep and is just running some computer processes that will be running by itself.

I then noticed a light by my window blinds and thinking is was someone outside that had a ray of a flashlight pass by, then after a few seconds, thunder came. The lightning was not that near since the was like more than 2 to 3 seconds to me before the thunder came and rain started to fall.

Going back to Sept, 2005, there was a time when the way heavy lightning storms and it was exploding like every 10 minutes. And it blew out a lot of stuff, my phone wire, a phone cable splitter, a LAN card, an Internal Modem card, and messed up my PC’s hard drive and made it totally unbootable.

I want to stuff off my PC now just to be sure. But is is running a process that still takes 6 more hours to finish. And if you cancel it,  it will need to start all over again when it is done. So I will just leave it on and hope no serious lightning strike happens again.

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