It’s a weekend again and everyday is a busy day!

Work is busy, so many rush stuff.

Business is so busy, at least I got my FAQs and Support Ticket Programs up and running. I also tried my latest SEO Reporting program on a website. All working flawlessly right now.

Registering of my business entity as a Nevada S-Corp happens this month.

Several new hosting deals and domains, and one design/development/SEO client. One problem backlogged website and one in progress that needs to be done asap.
Things to come are: Marcia’s paper work which will be my top priority when I get them and work on my family’s migration here. Several small niche specific small income generating websites. The Learning Annex’ Real Estate Convention with Robert and Kim Kiyosaki and Donald Trump and spending the night at cousin Marivic Arriola-Campos. Tax preparations before April 15 deadline. I still have to monitor all bills to pay and other stuff.

Ok back to work… c’ ya around.

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