Cool Video Mix

Big Screen Version – Some dude who put together various newscaster videos from FoxNews with some background beat and DJ magic. Watch the video below, it’s cool.

If you listen well to the video, I think there is a line saying “Do you have nightmares to the Firefox?” Is this a message for Microsoft Internet Explorer, giving it a Firefox nightmare? Hahaha.

Posted video for DJ Happee’s last day at work (as a web designer at a web company). Good luck and have a nice time with your new web job, as well as your 11 year DJ job of course.

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  1. Well, if the phrase “Do you have nightmares to the Firefox” was meant for Microsoft Internet Explorer, then I have to say that it’s right! Microsoft Internet Explorer is fast losing its share in the browser market as more people download and install the more secure and better Mozilla Firefox Browser!!!

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