Where is the One Dollar?

Tricky Question:

This involves a little bit of math.

I wanted to buy a pair of shoes that cost $17, but I had no money. I then borrowed $10 from Juan Dela Cruz and another $10 from John Doe.

I bought the shoes and got $3 as change. I paid Juan Dela Cruz $1, so I owe him $9. I paid John Doe $1, so I also owe him $9. All I have left is $1.

So I owe them both $9 and I have $1. That is $9 + $9 + $1 = $19. So where did the extra $1 go? Isn’t the total supposed to be $20?

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3 thoughts on “Where is the One Dollar?

  1. Told differently than I remeber but the same applies, a misdirection in the math not suposed ot be added but subtracted.

    My version is 3 guys at a hotel 25+3+2 = 30$ but the same shite, I was told it is a psychology class question not a math question.

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