Hay nakoooowww Jamie

Recently Jamie did something she really should never do. She is just one brave kid doing crazy stuff and how I felt on what she has done made me also reflect on how my parents felt when I did tons on crazy stuff when I was young. It was a very hard kind of feeling to bear especially that I am so far away. But Jamie being the big little kid she is already learned her lessons all by herself. She knows that what she did should not be done again even if we do not tell her. She knows it herself. She will be 3 in August and I know she may forget a lot of stuff at the age of two. I barely remember things about myself at that age. But people remember a few things that are really stressful, exciting, fearing, anything where the emotions are at an extreme, they seem to be saved in a deeper sector of the mind that this data can be easily recalled when needed.

I think Jamie has one of these already. She might have feared what she has done. But as she grows older, this is what I fear. Courage builds up as time passes by. Courage increases as knowledge increases. Courage increases are fear decreases as people learn to overcome their fears and become more knowledgeable of their mistakes. And something that a person may have fear of before, will have an easier time of doing it again unless they were traumatized. Knowing how Jamie thinks, actually knowing how I think too… which is what I fear is she might be thinking the same way. She might repeat the mistake she has done before thinking she’ll do better the next time. This attitude is actually a positive thing since you can see the learning process especially if applied in school and sports. But in other things you should not do, I do not think that is correct.

What ever Jamie did wrong, I have a long history of it. From 3 years old, up to highschool to college days. Jamie started even earlier than me, 2 years old. Now I can imagine how nervous my Mom was when I was kid.

But taking a look at Marcia, and how Jamie’s ate’s are. Her ate’s have a very large respect for their Mom. They follow their Mom and love their Mom so much. And I am very optimistic Jamie will grow up the same way. And I hope she does not grow up getting a bad trait I had that always kept my parents on their toes as I was kid. Courage is good, but doing something you don’t supposed to is not good at all.

Busy, Busy, Busy

Yes, when your busy, you can’t blog that much. Even if I thought of something nice to say in my blog, I just can’t blog right away since I’d be finishing something. And after sometime, you forget about what you wanted to write about.

Right now, I needed to run my other computer that I haven’t been using for sometime. And since it has been a long time since I used it, I needed to update everything. All my AVG, Lavasoft Ad-Aware, JavaCoolSoftware Spyware Blaster, Search and Destroy Spybot, Microsoft AntiSpyware Beta, Firefox, Windows, etc.

And I was also managing my hard drives better placing the right files in the right places for better information management. I was copying and moving files from one PC to another on the network. It was slowing everything down and I did not have much to do and I needed to wait until all the copying, installing, scanning is all done.

So here I am blogging away again while all of these processes run.

Ever since school started in the Philippines after summer vacation, I haven’t seen any blog updates too from Ate Dawn, Marcia and Jamie.

I have been learning and sharing on Kangkong.ORG. If you want to talks about anything on Web Design, Web Development and other computer stuff, Kangkong.ORG is a nice place to go.

I may be earning more than I used to in the Philippines, but that is not enough. Too much expenses. But a large bulk of it has been going to pension plans, trust fund, educational plans, insurance and credit card bills. I guess without credit cards, it would be a bit harder to use money when you need it and you do not have any at the moment, but should be used with precautions. Since a lot of money has been going to bills, and a lot of them are plans and credit cards, I guess it is fine than not have any pension plans and educational plans since this may make life harder now but easier later on. I guess that is still better than having life easy now and harder later on.

With all of the work I have with Einstein Industries, once I get home, I still got more work to do. Clients keep on increasing and even if it is manageable right now, I am already thinking about information management, security measures, server backups, customer support since there will come a time all of these will be hard to do is I do not do proper action while problems related to these start to develop.

I am no business management major, but how I run my business is still basically based on my experience being a businessman since 1997. Where the first few years were all mistakes and even up to now, you still experience mistakes, but are minimized since more mistakes you have already learned to avoid them.

Sales is increasing and I can make it increase a lot more, but I am not prepared for that. I am still laying out the process, streamlining all business processes from sales to production to delivery to collection. And when all is prepared, that is when I will go all out on sales. Right now I am building my own information management system that will be used by the company.

Leisure, Recreation
Hmmm… things I like to do aside from work… traveling is not my thing. Going to the mall, watching a movie, seeing places, nope. Unless I am with my family that would be great. But me all alone, I’d rather bike (BMX or MTB), train (Taekwondo, other martial arts), workout at the gym, play the piano or guitar. But I have no piano, no guitar right now. I have no money to train in martial arts. I have no sleep even to train or workout. I even have no air pump for the tires of my BMX, although I know there are cheap air pumps out there, my money is really all used up and every penny counts.