Hay nakoooowww Jamie

Recently Jamie did something she really should never do. She is just one brave kid doing crazy stuff and how I felt on what she has done made me also reflect on how my parents felt when I did tons on crazy stuff when I was young. It was a very hard kind of feeling to bear especially that I am so far away. But Jamie being the big little kid she is already learned her lessons all by herself. She knows that what she did should not be done again even if we do not tell her. She knows it herself. She will be 3 in August and I know she may forget a lot of stuff at the age of two. I barely remember things about myself at that age. But people remember a few things that are really stressful, exciting, fearing, anything where the emotions are at an extreme, they seem to be saved in a deeper sector of the mind that this data can be easily recalled when needed.

I think Jamie has one of these already. She might have feared what she has done. But as she grows older, this is what I fear. Courage builds up as time passes by. Courage increases as knowledge increases. Courage increases are fear decreases as people learn to overcome their fears and become more knowledgeable of their mistakes. And something that a person may have fear of before, will have an easier time of doing it again unless they were traumatized. Knowing how Jamie thinks, actually knowing how I think too… which is what I fear is she might be thinking the same way. She might repeat the mistake she has done before thinking she’ll do better the next time. This attitude is actually a positive thing since you can see the learning process especially if applied in school and sports. But in other things you should not do, I do not think that is correct.

What ever Jamie did wrong, I have a long history of it. From 3 years old, up to highschool to college days. Jamie started even earlier than me, 2 years old. Now I can imagine how nervous my Mom was when I was kid.

But taking a look at Marcia, and how Jamie’s ate’s are. Her ate’s have a very large respect for their Mom. They follow their Mom and love their Mom so much. And I am very optimistic Jamie will grow up the same way. And I hope she does not grow up getting a bad trait I had that always kept my parents on their toes as I was kid. Courage is good, but doing something you don’t supposed to is not good at all.

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  1. Well, kids learn and lots of things can happen when a child grows. The worst (or perhaps the better) part of this is that these things happen w/o our knowledge of it.

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