No Classes Again! What’s happening at ICI-CW

This is the second time I attended XP2PC SOC(PC Networks and Troubleshooting – Start of Class) where only 1 student comes. Since only 2 students enrolled, I never started the class, what a waste of time.

At ICI-CW, (Informatics Computer Institute – Commonwealth) Today, everyone went home and with me without a clear idea with what is happening at the center. Everyone seems to be mad at each other, specifically the CCs (Course Consultants). I can’t understand why. No body wants to talk about it yet and when I ask them, they talk in incomplete sentences, or in complete sentences without complete facts. Calling all CCs, you better put things together! I do not like all of you fighting, back-stabbing, etc. If there is something not clear, clear it up. A good peaceful talk will always help. And I am willing to help you settle things out.

Any comments CCs? Just enter your comments, reactions, feedback, suggestions, click on the comments link below below…

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