Didn’t go to work

I went to sleep about 4am, helping Marcia sort some things from Papa and Mama (my in-laws) sent to the Philippines from the US. They were three big boxes sent my Manila Forwarders. Aside from that, I was editing pictures for Funtastic.

When I woke up, I felt so dizzy, I barely got out of bed to bring Marcia to work. That was already 9:30AM and my class starts at 9AM. Still feeling dizzy, I decided not to go to work. I called up and informed that I will just attend my evening class at 6PM.

I brought Dawn to her UPCAT Review and I continued on with Funtastic. Basically working on the new product catalog layout. Trying my best to get Eric’s design with Mike’s backend work. So far I’ve done a lot already, but it is still not 100% done. Although this may be overdue, I am also still waiting for some write-ups from them that they haven’t given me for their website, so while waiting, I’m still making the site better.

To Mike and Eric: Once I get the write-ups, I will place this on the main URL and will collect their payments. Once paid, I will call you two up right away for the balances I owe you two. I will always place some updates about the project here so if you want to check out the status, you could visit this page from time to time.

Now got to eat my late lunch, go to National Bookstore then proceed to En Blaze for my proposal with them. The will proceed to my class at Informatics and Marcia, Dawn and Jamie will then follow, and we will proceed to Janet’s place to bring over the other stuff from the US that Mama and Papa gave.

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