Responsible Gun Owners, Prevent Crime by Keeping Guns Secure

Guns are used all the time for various crimes. Although to be able to obtain a gun, proper licenses are required also. Now most criminals though, have stolen guns.

I personally do not own a gun. But at home where I grew up, my late father had several guns. He sold them to license gun owners so there are no guns in the house anymore. And I still remember when there was only 1 gun left, a Smith & Wesson Magnum .38 Revolver, my uncle was asking for it if he can have it, one of my cousins was asking for it too. But my Dad never gave it them, but this is where I saw the desire for many people to have a gun for it meant power to some people. And as we hear this over and over again, with great power comes great responsibility.

Preventing guns to get into the hands of criminals can be one way of doing that. Securing your guns well to prevent them from getting stolen, and one way to do that is with safe gun storage using gun safes. This should be a part of every responsible gun owner.

Philippine Flag Patch for Uniforms

When I was in the Philippines, many Taekwondo jins like sewing on their Dobok (Taekwondo uniform) a patch of the flag of the Philippines. Mainly not part of the Philippine pride, but had a psychological advantage knowing that the Philippine National Team was feared since they are really good. Have a Philippine Flag Patch on their uniform is like instilling fear in the opponent giving them a notion that you are comparable with the caliber of skills the national team has since most of the time they have the patch of the flag of the Philippines sewed on to their uniforms as they compete often internationally.

Today I am in the US, and I guess every Taekwondo jin (practitioner) from the Philippines will agree that it is really different here in the US compared to the Philippines. And some people know that, where the Philippine flag can do you good again doing the same psych war. LOL. Anyway, if you are looking for a Philippines Flag Patch , I found mine online.

Summer is Hot

It is hot. And many times once I get home, and work in my home office, I work with my shirt off. It’s so hot. Whenever there is this heat wave, in zoos, they place big blocks of ice and you can see even desert animals like staying beside the ice and licking it. Some people shed off the hair of other animals to cool them down using Shed Ender. Usually in the belly area that is also in the shade of the sun and not under direct sunlight in most animals.

Web Designers Creativity on the Desktop Computer

Here are photos of some of the desktops of friends I had at work at Einstein Industries, my previous job.

Mook’s Choi Bead Necklace. I know those, those are the ones you throw to girls so they show their stuff during some party.

Sung Mook Choi Flash Developer

Jesse’s Morgan Webb Design sticker.

Jesse Morgan Webb Design

Evan Scheingrosshad a lot going on. He had monsters and a baseball field on his desktop at work. at Einstein Industries

Ewan Scheingross San Diego Padres Baseball Fan - Punk/Rock

Evan’s Scheingross Monitor Monster.

Evan Scheingross Monitor Monsters at Einstein Industries

Evan’s Scheingross baseball field. Which is now owned by Joko Jokosetio Halim at current press time.

Playing Baseball at Work with Evan Scheingross and Jokosetio Halim

More Monitoring Monsters! Monsters on the Monitor. at work at Einstein Industries. Joko’s Jokosetio Halim Halimaw Monsters! It looks like he also enjoys the photo of the old batman type of vintage car tail light.

Jokosetio Halims Monitoring Monsters

Glenn’s Batuyong logos that look like targets. But they remind me of the disc bullets of a toy gun I had before.

Glenn Batuyongs Target Logo Tablessless CSS Designs

Camron Deen likes his world upsidedown like going downhill.

Camron Downhill Deen Web Designer SEO

Camron Deen draws inspiration from this? I remember seeing a big version of this statue while mountain biking in some trail going downhill.

Camron Deen hard wood SEO Statue

Macromedia Flash Expert Ben Sebby did not like his name on top of his monitor.

Ben Sebby Flash Animation Animator at Einstein Industries

Ben Sebby had more important things to place on his monitor.

Ben Sebby Flash Animation Animator at Einstein Industries Lucky Stars

Ben Sebby had lucky stars and pink dumbo flying on top his monitor. Also in view is John’s Kelly Frog.

Flash Animated Dumbo by Ben Sebby

Is this a Webmonkey? Or a Web Gorrilla on top of Edgar’s Karim Zurita Einstein Industries Work monitor? Also in the view is Derek’s Monkey.

Edgar Zurita - aka Karim, Zura -web designer

John ‘Dru’ Kelly decides to have a frog instead.

John Kelly aka Dru Kelly aka Drustar and his frog.

Justin Sepulveda did not like his name on his computer…

Justin Sepulveda Production Engineer? - PBS Alien - like Hula Dancers on his Table

But Justin Sepulveda likes Hula Dancers on his table to arouse him.

Justin Sepulveda's Hot Girl Hula Dancer on his Table

Aron Yu reminding him of what’s coming on the weekend.

Aron Yu Christian Chinese Web Designer

Jason, Kent the web radio voice over voice, likes his bird on top.

Jason Kent's Voice Over Voice Web Designer

Mike Michael McCarthy likes his bird on top too…

Mike McCarthy's Bird on top

And cars below…

Mike McCarthy Web Design Matchboxes

What is Michael McCarthy reading? Readings from the dark side? Blackhat SEO? LOL.


Jimmy Nguyen aka DJ Happee Vietnamese sensation has some Feng Shui fortune plant. Also in view are the monkeys of Edgar Zurita and Derek Ashuer.

Jimmy Nguyen - DJ Happee doing the web design mix

Jimmy Nguyen aka DJ Happee likes to be reminded of the beach…

Jimmy Nguyen Disco Party All Night Long Vacation at the Beach

And his girl…

DJ Happee girl taken

Asian surf chick Cathy Vang loves the beach. Loves surfing. So while designing website, she constantly reminds herself of the waves.

Cathy Vang Hot Surfer Asian Chick Web Designer

Another thing on Cathy’s desk is the book, The Vang.

Cathy Vang Internet Chick Girl Power

Aimee’s Dotts sexy bare monitor, nothing on it but a post it and a sexy fur scarf.

Aimee's Sexy top bare with fur.

Graphic Artist Daniel Huffstutter likes mountain biking, so he keeps a mountain bike trail on his Einstein Industries computer monitor.

Graphic Artist and Mountain Biker of Einstein Industries - Daniel Huffstutter

Using a highlighter in books is to usually highlight keywords that are important. And Eldar Graziev is important.

Eldar Graziev Counter Strike Pro is Important in Einstein Industries

And my monitor. Benj Arriola’s computer monitor at Einstein Industries computer monitoring has an anti-spyware CD right beside it.

Benj Arriola's Computer Monitor at Einstein Industries with Anti-Spyware CD

But leaning right beside the monitor, is my Before and After work done by Dr. Benj on my Liposuction operations. At Einstein Industries.

Dr. Benj Arriola Liposuction Operation on Betty Boop and Big Bird to Tweety

3 SEO Life Stories…

He does SEO?

I attended a seminar on Internet Marketing by Adam Urbanski last July 20. It was a small group, maybe about 10 to 15 people only. And everyone was required to say a few stuff about themselves. I kept my self-description conservative and just said I know technical stuff in making websites, and I came to the class to learn more of the marketing side. How to market well online. Although I could say I have a fair knowledge of Internet marketing, but I was not there to say what I know, but I was there to learn other stuff I may not know yet. Even just a few small tips.

One participant, I can still remember how he introduced himself. He said he was also into Internet marketing, and SEO, I may not remember what he said word for word, but I do remember clearly one line he said, while he was addressing what he was saying to the speaker… he said “…You see, I do what you do too…” So he must know what he is saying.

Right after the seminar, I just did the same thing I did with the Sean Roach Internet Marketing seminar I attended. I SEO’d it. And it was generating traffic and a little more hits that translates to earnings of course for those that know how to make money out of traffic. It was not like an additional really big bucks, but it was still a little more to add to still give it some increase.

Just this afternoon, this participant that also does what Adam Urbanski does, calls me up since we exchanged cards and ask me about some other matters related to the course. And I mentioned that my other blog was ranking 1 for Adam Urbanski Internet Marketing as well other other keyphrases. And he asked how did I do it? Well for me, all I did was just the basics, I did no serious hard core competitive SEO yet, but since no one else was targeting it, it was easy to rank 1 right away. And an experienced SEO guy would have just laughed probably and find it funny I was targetting it. But now that I mentioned the story here. Maybe someone might be trying to beat me at number 1 for this keyphrase and I do not care. This was just for fun anyway. Maybe I will be more competitive if it was a paid SEO client. Uh oh, My SEO clients might have high expectations this time *LOL*. But this is what I have to say to my SEO clients, if you are not ranking number 1 for your general terms, do not worry, let’s target the tail and just keep in mind that our objective is to increase conversions. Not just get the number 1 spot on every term.

Remove Company Name

Every company name has a keyphrase tail to target. And this tail is still related usually to the company’s product or service. I targetted a keyphrase in this format: company name blog. It just took 2 days to get the number 1 spot. But the company talked to me and asked if I can remove the company name on my blog. And you know, these people are really nice guys and I have no intention in going to battle with them just over a simple search term. Actually I personally know how to over throw my own entry by the official company site and get the number 1 spot. But I guess it is also a matter of other legal issues that I cannot place the company name. Well ok, I took it out, although I still rank number 1 for it even if I took it out, Google should reindex soon and see the changes.

SEO Contest, SEO Contest, SEO Contest

I am getting tired of Isulong SEOph SEO Contest. Comparing it with Ambatchdotcom and Vogermilten that has $4k and $10k respectively with not even half of the people in the SERPs in Isulong SEOph that has already 800,000+ pages in the SERPs all battling for that number 1 spot with a prize less than $2k. I find it funny. But the reason why Isulong SEOph just has so many entries, is because of the SEOPhilippines community as well. The group just interacts so well with each other that everyone is having fun, sharing, talking about SEO, and website monetizations. We have seen several non-Filipinos in the list already because maybe also of the popularity, but predominantly, they are still all Filipinos. I did an IP change on one of my Isulong SEOph entries not only for a new class-C IP, but for a regional advantage as well. I think I am just going to mildly play around with Ambatchdotcom and consider to seriouly work on Vogermilten. But there is still a lot time for that. In this contest I joined, I have been in and out of page 1 with the highest rank i reached was 7, but I still get pushed back to page 2 or even page 3 sometimes. I once had a rank 3, but it just looked like Google glitch or someting, and only lasted a few hours when the other sites were missing. Oh well, let’s see how it goes. At least get into the final 7 sites, and hopefully I can ask for a vacation for the awarding if ever I do get in. Oh well, let’s see. I am a bit lazy compared to the other competitors. But maybe, actually hopefully I will get some second wind by mid-August.

Spider in my room

One night while working in my room, I noticed a spider. It’s legs spread out seemed to span about 2.5 inches. Not that small, but also not a super big spider. And when I see spiders, I usually do not kill them since I consider them “good guys” since they eat the mosquitos, flies and other small insects. I also consider lizards “good guys” too since they can even eat cockroaches bigger than their mouth. Just like all retiles do, they do not chew, and their jaw seems to detach as they swallow big insects or animals they prey on. House lizards are cool to me since they eat cockroaches. When I was kid, the house I grew up in usually had a trail of ants that I watch. Where they go and pass by, how they bring food with them, what they do to their dead. And also in the same bathroom, I would observe the cob webs and spiders in them, and I would sometimes get some ants and drop them in the web and just watch the spiders quickly jump to the ants, and wrap them up and then seems to bite a small piece of, maybe to kill them, then bring them to one location and to not eat them right away.

Just a few days ago, I saw a spider in my room. And since I do not consider them the “bad guys” unlike mosquitos, flies and cockroaches, i kept the spider alive and decided to get as close as I can without scaring it to be able to take a good photo of it. Surprisingly the spider did not even moved even with the bright flash and I was even able to move it a lot more closer and take a picture of the spider again. Maybe this is what I feel that is crawling on my feet sometimes when I sleep, but I just move and it goes away and I sleep again.

Photo of a spider in my room

Watching over your kids without watching?!?!

Growing up kids is enjoyable, you do not really want to spy on them, and still give them enough freedom to breathe, but you still would want to monitor them in a way just to ensure they are going up in the right direction.

In the information age, the Internet has been a tool that has been used in both good ways and bad ways. And I guess one concern of many parents is what do their children do online? Chatting and emails have been tools also of the malicious people looking for targets of prey, from pedophiles to scammers, phishing attempts and plain robbers getting information about your home. With the high volume of pornography, illegal gambling, illegal selling of drugs online and adult dating websites, you would want to take some extra precautionary measures.

One way to be sure is by the user of keylogger programs. A good keystroke logger can make parents feel more secure without staying over the shoulder of your children. A leader in the keystroke logging software is Spectorsoft. and you might want to check them out. They have been mentioned in several TV programs and magazines. They can monitor emails, blogs, surfing activity, chatting and more. This may also have other applications in the business world as well as in private investigation purposes.

As long as they roll…

I grew up seeing all sorts of magazines by Dad used to read. He used to read Car and Driver that I just used to cut out all this car photos as I was a kid. I was not car savvy and for me as long as it rolls and run fine. That is ok with me. I guess unless I really earn some good amount of income with a lot of extra to spare, I will be the car savvy type. And probably subscribe to Car and Driver magazine also.