Stock Mistake of the Day

Indexes are starting to show some kind of downward trend, and I have some unsettled funds. I cherry picked my trades and decided to go back in HA and waited for what I though to be the lowest point and opened at 45.66 and it’s now going sideways. My mistake is I bought with unsettled funds thinking it would be settled tomorrow. I miscalculated where I forgot Friday was a holiday in the stock market and my fund would be settled on Wednesday. Meaning I cannot close out of my positions until my funds are settled. 2 days might be too long to be as nimble as I want to be where this market is starting to slow down on it’s sudden rise. On the bright side, HA has proven to perform well in the long term. Hopefully I don’t have to wait that long.

Stock Market vs A Saving Account in a Bank

What $9000+ Gave Me in the Stock Market Compared to a Bank

It’s been 10 days since my last blog post and that uptrend in the market was good, and I’ve been holding on to HA since March 17. Bought 200 shares at  $46.0199 and sold yesterday, March 24. I sold 100 shares at a resistance level, where I set a limit sell of $46.46. When that limit was hit, and it continued to rise, breaking through resistance while  NASDAQ, S&P and DJ was going down.

Is this the start of a downtrend in the stock market?

I added a $0.30 cent trailing stop since I thought this must be over bought and will be going down soon, and was able to sell my remaining 100 shares at $47.0417. So how much did I make? Let’s look at the numbers…

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Hormel (HRL), Hawaiian Airlines (HA)

Hold on HRL for 2 Weeks & Plans to Buy HA This Coming Week (March 7, 2016)

Being employed in a company, I cannot really trade stocks full time. I do not have the time to be nimble and act on last minute changes. For the past 2 weeks, the indexes have rallied up and generally during this period any stock should be ok to buy. I decided to buy HRL because of it’s stable fundamentals and it’s prices continues to trend upward month after month, year after year. It appears to be a relatively safe stock to invest in and if I don’t have the time to monitor it well, I feel confident my stocks should be safe here.

Last week was a busy week for me, where I work in the search marketing industry, and was a speaker at the Search Marketing Expo and that went well. So there was not much time to really actively trade for me being busy the whole week for this conference. But I trusted in HRL and briefly had some doubts since I bought HRL on the 26th, and it started trending downward on that day.

HRL the past 2 weeks, had a brief downward trend.

But I trusted in my analysis, and even didn’t have any stops set and knew it would go back up. I am now back in

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