Riding on the Uptrend Wave

As I planned out last week, I did a majority of my plans, although I also did some rookie emotional moves but didn’t result in too much of a loss.

Last week, starting on Monday, March 7, 2016, I decided to try to gain quick win day trades with UPL, BCEI, SGY, HK and CJES as part of a bottom fishing attempt. My trailing stops were not setup properly and were quickly closing out too early where I made my stops to small and was closing at a lost. I had 4 losers losing about 100+ and 1 winning winning about 100+ so not much of a lost.

Then going back to my original plan of buying HA was still executed since I still had funds for the buy and that was a good one, buying really near the low, and gained around 2% leading into the follow week. I still have HRL on hold but it has not been performing as well as I wanted it to be. I might close the position sometime this week. Lasts week’s portfolio gain was a total of $116 and I’ll take it. A win is a win.

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