Two Consecutive SEO Contest is Always Tiring

I remember some old SEO contest that I join, got a domain(s), did nothing until the contest ended. Sometime I guess I get too excited with SEO contest, but ends up too busy to work on them and they remained untouched. I remember joining the hoax contest shopautodotca which I did nothing but get a domain. Filipino SEO Leo Mirabuna did well in that contest along with Ashad Shaikh from India but the prize was never given by this Canadian Car Shop company. Same thing with Paradise Philippines. I guess when SEOContest2008 started, I was fresh again and after that contest, Busby SEO Challenge and the discontinued Kabon Footprint, were also contest that I took no action but get a domain. Now for Promotional Items Corporate Gifts Srednarb contest, well in this case, I thought I will still be lazy working on my site. Branders.comBut has something else in mind. Guided by SEO Philippines, Alfredo Palconit sends out the rules and gives a deadline to register domains and set everything up. Probably a good move to get me moving. What’s interesing about this promotional gifts seo contest, aside from the novel seo contest rules is the total amount of prizes keep increasing. As it started with PHP250,000 and now it is PHP345,000. At least that gives you an additional push to really pursue working on your contest. Good luck to all competitors!

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4 thoughts on “Two Consecutive SEO Contest is Always Tiring

  1. same here Benj … i just buy domain names and did nothing but park. too lazy the past seo contest. from alibata to paradise philippines and also the kabon footprint .. and other contest i cant remember as of this writing.

    i wonder if i can work on my … hopefully this sembreak i can start working on my index.html .. unlike other SEO Contest.. its easy to start since CMS is allowed and free templates are available for download and just blogging after the design… unlike this contest.. it will be hard and challenging.. creating/updating a static sites.

  2. Hi guys, I happen to land here while surfing on the web about SEO. I see that you guys are experts in the field and I really admire you for that. I’m new to SEO and I would like to have some exchange from Kababayans like you to give me tips or best practices checklist and tools to promote a website. There are tons of information out there but I would like to have a more inter-active communication, rather than reading tons of blogs. If you could email me your best practices and tools, It would be very appreciated. Mabuhay kayo at sana marami pa kayong mapanalunang contest.

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