Number 1 ABA BMX Amateur is Filipino-Korean

Being a BMX’er and a Filipino, I was just interested in posting this video I found online of Josh Oie.

The American Bicycle Association’s number 1 BMX’er is Josh Oie. Half Filipino-Half Korean.

Client website Hacked!

One of my web hosting clients, Informatics Computer Institute – Commonwealth, Philippines, has an online forum that no one barely talks in it, most of the time me since it is a computer school website and is interested to talk about computer stuff but people barely talk. Anyway, they run phpBB, and we already know in the past history of phpBB, Invision Power board, SMF Forums, VBulletin and all these other message boards, I think the most times I heard a board be hacked, I think I have only heard this happen on phpBB. Check the forum if they are still in the hack mode on the Informatics website.

I simply looked at the source, does not look anything high-tech. It was just a posting with HTML code, a big div tag, a large width and height, with a high z-index, colored it black and it is done. Looks valid to be done on anything with HTML input allowed with no restriction on the kinds of tags. I guess that is all what phpBB needs to work on, the type of HTML tags allowed.

9 and 11 string bass guitar? Pachelbel’s Canon in D on Electric Guitar?

I basically play the piano/keyboards and has a good understanding of how to play the guitar, but I do not consider myself an excellent player like some other friends I have. But still this is also one of the things I like doing. So my interest was drawn to two videos I found online.

9 and 11 String Bass Guitar Player Jean Baudin Plays Mario

I found this video of Jean Baudin. He plays the bass guitar, and one thing unusual with his bass is it has more than 4 strings. To me it looks like a lead guitar with some extra bass strings. He plays it so proficiently that it looks like he is not using a bass guitar at all and all his fingers are all plucking away. Below is a video of him playing Mario.

Not everything he plays sounds like that. Actually he has some pretty cool guitar bass solos on his MySpace account. The bass solos Vanishing and Frosty Acres are really cool. Jeff Baudin’s official website is on

Classical Music Canon in D of Pachelbel – Rock Version by JerryC

Being a piano player, I really like Canon in D by Pachelbel. Not everyone knows classical music, but Canon in D is used often in many TV commercials I have seen. I remember one commercial of a Bank and many commercials of baby related products like milk and diapers. I remember some popular flash animation that circulated the Internet one time that was about the 7-day creation of the Christian belief that also used the same music. And it is my first time to see a version on the electric guitar by some dude named JerryC. Canon in D is one of my favorites and this JerryC guy did a good job in giving it a touch of rock.

JerryC’s is from Taiwan and his official website is

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Accounting and Legal Matters

After attending Robert Kiyosaki’s Investor Workshop last August 1, last year, he has stressed one point that can also be found in his book Rich Dad Poor Dad, to build your own team. Where you really need your own Lawyer and Accountant and never make your Lawyer handle accounting matters and never have your Accountant handle legal matters.

Moving the company to Nevada

My company will soon be a Nevada Corp. and will need to be dealing from Nevada and not from California. I will be needing to change the stuff on my company homepage, removing the references to San Diego, California. And probably also from Manila Philippines and just add on the contact us page the offices.

Seeking Legal Advice

I have contacted the practice of Garrett Sutton to help out with the legal matters I might be needing for my company. Gary Sutton is a part of Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Advisors. After sending them an email and getting a reply and two phone call meetings, I might put up an LLC or an S-Corporation. But as adviced, I should have to talk to my accountant and tax advisor on what would be really ideal for me.

And after going to the seminar of Patrict James on Tax Strategies of the Millionaires, who basically gave a good introduction on Scott Estill’s practice. I then decided to attend the seminar by Scott Estill. Scott’s practice, Tax Strategies and Solutions seems to be one of the best in the country. His firm can serve as the accounting firm and legal firm as well. So If I decide to talk to take him in as the accounting firm that will handle my accounting matters, he might as well do the legal matters as well. Then I have no more reason to talk to Gary Sutton’s practice.

Gary is a Rich Dad Advisor which make us sure, he is top-of-the-line with corporate law. He is often a speaker for Small Businesses which I am sure can help up with my business being a small business. But still needs a separate accounting firm to work on tax matters. Scott’s practice can handle both accounting and legal matters, which is good. Scott was a former trial attorney for the IRS. We are pretty sure Scott really knows the tax law very well. Gary’s book, Own your Own Corporation which is a Rich Dad publication is a good seller and Scotts book on tax: Tax This, was recently named one of the top 5 books on Tax in an article written by Randy Blaustein on the Wall Street Journal. The only advantage I see of having Gary to handle legal matters is his practice is in Nevada while Scott’s is in Colorado and I will be putting up a Nevada Corporation. For sure I need a resident agent and I guess that is Gary’s advantage. But Scott is really good in minimizing tax being an excellent tax consultant.

Well, I still have to contact Scott and will fire him an email and based on his reply, I will decide on where to go to, with Scott’s practice, or with Gary’s practice.

The International Language of Pusoy Dos

I am currently in San Diego, and this place has a bunch of Filipinos. US-born Filipinos and Philippine Born Filipinos.

Some cannot speak Filipino well, others fluent, others can just understand but cannot speak. Some totally grew up here in the US and has not spent any significant long period of time in the Philippines.

One of my colleagues at work brought some playing cards. And we simply decided to play Pusoy Dos which is a Filipino variation of Poker. In the Philippines, Poker is actually boring. And Poker has two variations in the Philippines, Pusoy and Pusoy Dos. And while we were playing Pusoy Dos, some other Filipinos passing by the lunch table just said: What’s that? Is that Pusoy Dos? And we said yeah. And they knew the game by heart and started playing.

I find it funny how this game reaches overseas. It is like a Filipino tradition that is passed on from generation to generation. Since the only way some US-born and US-raised Filipinos can find out about this is from the older generations that pass it down that came from Philippines mother land. I just find it funny that this game is passed down from generation to generation.

I feel good today!

Last wAek, I s@ay up uHtil 3amfor thedays SuHday, MoHday, TuAsday an@ Wednes@ay. AndI wake Ap usualHy at 5:5am so I was ge@ting abIut lessthan 3 Hours ofsleep fIr 4 dayA. And oH ThursdAy and F@iday, Ijust coAld not @o it anImore. 1 3 of ou@ life iA spent Aleepingand my @ractiioH of sleAping li@e span Aas decrAasing aHd just @eally nAeded tosleep. After a 2 hour Aleep whAre I woIe up onSaturdaI, I stiHl had aheavy hAad, andstill mAnaged tI work abit, onprocedu@al stuf@ that dI not reAuire muAh thinkIng. TheH I got A 10 hou@ sleep @his Sun@ay and I feel gIod agaiH! I feeH I can Atay awaIe againfor a wAek! hahAhaha. WARNING rAaders: @o not dI this a@ home. lol*

My Satu@day nigHt laste@ until Aunday mIrning jAst maskIng in PhItoshopˆ thIs pictu@e of baIboo, wi@h leaveA and stAms goinA all ovAr the pHace. MaAking waA tediouA, but Ijust neAded it @or somesite. Ispent a large nAmber ofhours dIing it Ahile liAtening Ro some @odcast
a title “CamronDeen” tqrget=”_@lank” h@ef=”htt@://”>Camron Deen has recommended.

Now I got to…

  1. Add the bamboo to the design.
  2. Bill some clients, like Edgar and Drew. Hehe. John is paying on Feb 7, no need to remind him.
  3. Prepare some documentation needed for my phone meeting tomorrow with my lawyer for setting up a Nevada Corporation.
  4. Change some font and make a random picture mast head and header graphic of another client.

It is 5:45pm on a Sunday afternoon and hopefully everything gets done for me to still get good sleep for a Monday morning at work.

I didn’t get to go to Mike H.’s birthday, I was just too sleepy to go. I believe he does not read this blog, he may not even know it exists, but well I’ll just still announce on the blog for Mike, just in case he does see this: Happy Birthday and sorry I was not able to come.

Now, back to work…