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2 thoughts on “My Amateur Photography

  1. My partner at Wildfire, John is the art director at Transworld Surf Magazine and he shoots a lot of their products shots in thier studio. There a lot of studios around town where you can rent different lens for your camera. A lot of your close-ups would really benefit from a macro lens. You can get an inch away from the product, have the product in perfect clarity and the background blurry. It’s a really nice classic effect, with not too much work. It makes the shots look really professional.

  2. Bro,

    You don’t need a high end SLR camera to take great photos although the high end ones have a lot of flexibility. If you are going into close up shots then you will need a macro lens. Notice that there are reflections on your close up shots. I don’t know if it because of my computer screen. But when doing super close up shots. Avoid using the flash and use a low f stop to blur the background. A tripod would help also. You will know that you have taken a great shot becaue there will be no need for post editing in photoshop.

    Good luck bro!

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