9 and 11 string bass guitar? Pachelbel’s Canon in D on Electric Guitar?

I basically play the piano/keyboards and has a good understanding of how to play the guitar, but I do not consider myself an excellent player like some other friends I have. But still this is also one of the things I like doing. So my interest was drawn to two videos I found online.

9 and 11 String Bass Guitar Player Jean Baudin Plays Mario

I found this video of Jean Baudin. He plays the bass guitar, and one thing unusual with his bass is it has more than 4 strings. To me it looks like a lead guitar with some extra bass strings. He plays it so proficiently that it looks like he is not using a bass guitar at all and all his fingers are all plucking away. Below is a video of him playing Mario.

Not everything he plays sounds like that. Actually he has some pretty cool guitar bass solos on his MySpace account. The bass solos Vanishing and Frosty Acres are really cool. Jeff Baudin’s official website is on JeffBaudin.com.

Classical Music Canon in D of Pachelbel – Rock Version by JerryC

Being a piano player, I really like Canon in D by Pachelbel. Not everyone knows classical music, but Canon in D is used often in many TV commercials I have seen. I remember one commercial of a Bank and many commercials of baby related products like milk and diapers. I remember some popular flash animation that circulated the Internet one time that was about the 7-day creation of the Christian belief that also used the same music. And it is my first time to see a version on the electric guitar by some dude named JerryC. Canon in D is one of my favorites and this JerryC guy did a good job in giving it a touch of rock.

JerryC’s is from Taiwan and his official website is JerryC.tw

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8 thoughts on “9 and 11 string bass guitar? Pachelbel’s Canon in D on Electric Guitar?

  1. wow..the rock version of Canon D rocks! (duh?) hehehe if you have that in mp3…can you send it to me? ^_~

  2. Hi Ben, nice page dedicated to Johann Pachelbel – Canon in D Major…

    I just posted to my blog a snippet on this subject…
    “Truth be told I am completely fascinated how Jerry C’s version of Pachelbel’s Canon in D Major called “Canon Rock” has turned the guitar playing world upside down and inspired countless numbers of hopefuls to pick up the guitar (or give a shot in the arm to tenured players) and explore the unique qualities of expression that only the guitar can provide! Every so often someone comes along and gives that source of inspiration to encourage the masses..!”

    I thought you might be interested in my mp3 recording of Johann Pachelbel – Canon in D Major to go along with your collection??? this version emulates the “string quartet instrumentation”!



    Dan Sindel

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