Marcia’s Eavesdropping and House Interior is Still a Mess!

Last night Marcia was able to talk to one of the clients of the company where she works who had a truck and some helping hands whom we asked some assistance in moving big stuff from our Teresa Heights house to the North Olympus house.

Some of the stuff didn’t not fit through the tight house and they need to be carried through the second floor window. Since it was already night time, we decided to work on this the following day.

While Marcia was dusting the things in the garage, she heard some of our neighbors talking about us saying: “Mayaman ‘ata sila, iba’t ibang sasakyan pumupunta dyan, pati ‘yung van, sa kanila ‘ata. Puro bata at mukhang mga anak mayaman mga pumupunta.” (“I think they’re rich, different kinds of cars go here, and the van parked there, I think is also theirs. The people that go here are young and seem to be children of rich people.”)

All I can say about that is…….. nyhahahahahaha. Me? Rich? nyhahahahahaha….

They see a lot of different vehicles, yes they do…

-My Blue ’93 Lancer: I still owe my Sister and Bro-in-law P15,000, my last balance for buying the second-hand car from them

-Kuya Jeff’s L300 from Bicol that my in-laws use for going to Manila.

-Rene, my Bro-in-Law’s Toyota Revo.

-Puking’s Car

-Harry’s Van

-Louie’s Mad Max Harley-Like Motorcycle

-Adam’s L300.

The only one that is mine is the blue lancer, and it is not even fully paid yet! 😀

Young and looks like rich kids… Yes we do look young, I still believe we are young. Look like rich kids? I guess not. Maybe we are just conversationalist and knows a lot of things under the sun. And this knowledge is sometimes perceived to be part of being rich.

In my previous post you could see that the house from the outside relatively looks good already, but the inside is a mess. See our room, it has my three PCs all over the place. A Pentium IV 1.8GHz, a Pentium III 800MHz and an AMD Duron 500 Mhz. I’ve been fixing the other two for Marcia and Jamie.

One PC on for working, the other for watching TV using a USB TV Box.

Our New Home

We just moved in to our new house and so far, Jamie did not have any problems adjusting to the new environment. We haven’t moved all our stuff yet, like my 2 BMX’s and 2 Mountain Bikes and a whole bookshelf full of books that are all still at the Teresa house.

Our house. You might think it is big, but this is a townhouse, so it is only up to the aircon hole at the 2nd floor, pass that on the left is not our house anymore.

Thanks to Mang Jun, who just lives near by whom we got to fix the house up. Emil the Iron Works guy, thanks to him too, who worked on the steel gates and window grills. Both really gave us very ideal prices. Thanks to them we still have enough money left to place food on the table. 🙂 LOL

This garage is just right for our car. You even have to park it a bit sideways to get the whole car in and still have room to walk around and be able to close the gate well.

Our garage did not even exist before, the soil was so high that we needed to have truck loads of soil hauled out. So our front door is much higher than the garage.

Stairs between the garage and front door

A view from the garage below facing the front door.

This is not a big house, but since it is a corner lot, at least we still have some space on the side for gardening, well probably have some grass on this mini-yard. This space is still good enough for Jamie’s mini swimming pool, a pingpong table, jumping around, morning exercise, kicking exercises and other activities.

This is not as big as it looks like. It just looks longer in pictures.

The back gate

Good enough to live in but is still working on it. We do not even have a refrigerator yet so all we eat should be good enough for us to have no leftovers since we have no place to store them. We have no washing machine yet, but I think we’ll buy a refrigerator first.

Me and Marcia really spent a lot of time thinking on how everything looks like before we had things made and we really looked around for the best deals. Tiles at Federal Hardware was cheaper than others. But our bathroom tiles came from this tile store along Regalado near Lagro. Basic supplies from Ramos Hardware just in front of the North Olympus gate at Phase IV. Ace Hardware and Handyman were also cool for the puzzle carpets and other high-tech stuff. Cabinet handles were very cheap at Uniwide Sales Warehouse at Novaliches. A big drop from the prices at Ace and Handyman. HomeWorks at Ever Gotesco had cheap entertainment system furniture and living room center tables. Briones-Casal aluminum and Glass works always gave us the best deal. Our dining table was on sale at SOGO/Blims at Robinson’s place Novaliches.

I like going around looking for the best price, but I would not feel like doing it alone, that’s a good thing that Marcia likes going around for the best price alone or not alone, so it was nice going around with my wife looking for the best deals in town for our house.

Keep visiting this site from month to month and you’ll see how our home will even improve a lot more.

Get-Together Event Today

To ICI-Commonwealth people,

May celebration daw, it is:

  • Tiney’s Post-Birthday Celebration
  • Tiney’s Despedida Celebration
  • Bong’s Despedida Celebration
  • Annabel’s Welcoming Celebration
  • Shawie’s Birthday Celebration
  • Benj’s Despedida Celebration
  • Benj and Marcia’s House Blessing to be blessed by Fr. Louie Morales

And we are having it here sa house namin, just come here after work. Potlock tayo ha? Kahit ano dalhin n’yo. Kwentuhan lang naman tayo. The address and sketch will be posted sa, pass the message na lang sa mga wala sa egroup.

Resigned Informatics, Decided to go Abroad, Making Preparations

I resigned from Informatics Computer Institute last May 30, 2004. But is just finishing the remaining short-term classes I have there. I decided to resign since I needed to earn more money since we got a lot of bills to pay and without Marcia working too, it would have been a lot more harder.

I resigned since I have been earning bigger through I.T. projects that I get through YDS Web Solution, my I.T. company and decided to concentrate first on the company while I need more money at this present time.

Still with so many bills to pay, even if the company is earning money, it is still not enough and I have been contemplating on working abroad.

Marcia’s parents are here in the Philippines right now, and I have been thinking on going with them to the US on the 22nd. Since I am an American citizen, going to the States would not really be a problem. After weighing the advantages and disadvantages, I decided to go with them this 22nd of June. So everyday seems to be a rush.

Now about my company, YDS Web Solution and, they will still both be running smoothly, with or without my presence in the Philippines, since we are all connected online. My clients will have nothing to worry about and Marcia will be your physical contact person in the Philippines. Everything will run smoothly as if I did not leave the country.

I will come back as soon as I get to pay for all the bills here in the Philippines, and to all my clients, that would not take that long.