Resigned Informatics, Decided to go Abroad, Making Preparations

I resigned from Informatics Computer Institute last May 30, 2004. But is just finishing the remaining short-term classes I have there. I decided to resign since I needed to earn more money since we got a lot of bills to pay and without Marcia working too, it would have been a lot more harder.

I resigned since I have been earning bigger through I.T. projects that I get through YDS Web Solution, my I.T. company and decided to concentrate first on the company while I need more money at this present time.

Still with so many bills to pay, even if the company is earning money, it is still not enough and I have been contemplating on working abroad.

Marcia’s parents are here in the Philippines right now, and I have been thinking on going with them to the US on the 22nd. Since I am an American citizen, going to the States would not really be a problem. After weighing the advantages and disadvantages, I decided to go with them this 22nd of June. So everyday seems to be a rush.

Now about my company, YDS Web Solution and, they will still both be running smoothly, with or without my presence in the Philippines, since we are all connected online. My clients will have nothing to worry about and Marcia will be your physical contact person in the Philippines. Everything will run smoothly as if I did not leave the country.

I will come back as soon as I get to pay for all the bills here in the Philippines, and to all my clients, that would not take that long.

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