Marcia’s Eavesdropping and House Interior is Still a Mess!

Last night Marcia was able to talk to one of the clients of the company where she works who had a truck and some helping hands whom we asked some assistance in moving big stuff from our Teresa Heights house to the North Olympus house.

Some of the stuff didn’t not fit through the tight house and they need to be carried through the second floor window. Since it was already night time, we decided to work on this the following day.

While Marcia was dusting the things in the garage, she heard some of our neighbors talking about us saying: “Mayaman ‘ata sila, iba’t ibang sasakyan pumupunta dyan, pati ‘yung van, sa kanila ‘ata. Puro bata at mukhang mga anak mayaman mga pumupunta.” (“I think they’re rich, different kinds of cars go here, and the van parked there, I think is also theirs. The people that go here are young and seem to be children of rich people.”)

All I can say about that is…….. nyhahahahahaha. Me? Rich? nyhahahahahaha….

They see a lot of different vehicles, yes they do…

-My Blue ’93 Lancer: I still owe my Sister and Bro-in-law P15,000, my last balance for buying the second-hand car from them

-Kuya Jeff’s L300 from Bicol that my in-laws use for going to Manila.

-Rene, my Bro-in-Law’s Toyota Revo.

-Puking’s Car

-Harry’s Van

-Louie’s Mad Max Harley-Like Motorcycle

-Adam’s L300.

The only one that is mine is the blue lancer, and it is not even fully paid yet! 😀

Young and looks like rich kids… Yes we do look young, I still believe we are young. Look like rich kids? I guess not. Maybe we are just conversationalist and knows a lot of things under the sun. And this knowledge is sometimes perceived to be part of being rich.

In my previous post you could see that the house from the outside relatively looks good already, but the inside is a mess. See our room, it has my three PCs all over the place. A Pentium IV 1.8GHz, a Pentium III 800MHz and an AMD Duron 500 Mhz. I’ve been fixing the other two for Marcia and Jamie.

One PC on for working, the other for watching TV using a USB TV Box.

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One thought on “Marcia’s Eavesdropping and House Interior is Still a Mess!

  1. Ha ha ha! Rich! I can totally relate. That’s what they call me to. Especially when they discover that my lastname is Lopez – they start asking questions like “are you related with owner of Meralco (An electric company here in the Philippines)” and “is Henny Lopez your grandfather? (Henny Lopez is the owner or manager of a tv station here in the Philippines)”. Ha ha ha! And when I start talking of different things, they will say, “Wow, what an intelligent person. He must be rich!” ha ha ha.

    Benj, I can totally relate!

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