Day 7 & 8 22PushUpChallenge Video

So I wasn’t able to do my 22 push ups yesterday which supposed to be my Day 7. So for today, I combined Day 7 and 8 and did 44 push ups.

I now challenge TCG SEO team members: Andy Muns and Hiram Cho.

Day 1:
Day 2:
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Day 7:

Scroll down to video to play #22pushup challenge of Benj Arriola - Day 1

I really don’t blog that much anymore, but I think this is the best place to compile the my #22PushUp Challenge of #22Kill. Each day I will be nominating someone new. I accepted this challenge from Rain¬†(private profile so her pushup video may not appear) and is nominating Ronnie, a co-worker of mine at The Control Group¬†on my Day 1 for the 22 Push Up Challenge. Please also consider donating to


Indexes are starting to show some kind of downward trend, and¬†I have some unsettled funds. I cherry picked my trades and decided to go back in HA and waited for what I though to be the lowest point and opened at 45.66¬†and it’s now going sideways. My mistake is I bought with unsettled funds thinking it would be settled tomorrow. I miscalculated where I forgot Friday was a holiday in the stock market and my fund would be settled on Wednesday. Meaning I cannot close out of my positions until my funds are settled. 2 days might be too long to be as nimble as I¬†want to be where this market is starting to slow down on it’s sudden rise. On the bright side, HA has proven to perform well in the long term. Hopefully I don’t have to wait that long.

Stock Market vs A Saving Account in a Bank

It’s been 10 days since my last blog post¬†and that uptrend in the market was good, and I’ve been holding on to HA since March 17. Bought 200 shares at¬†¬†$46.0199 and sold yesterday, March 24. I sold 100 shares at a resistance level, where I set a limit sell of $46.46. When that limit was hit, and it continued to rise, breaking through resistance¬†while¬†¬†NASDAQ, S&P and DJ was going down.

Is this the start of a downtrend in the stock market?

I added a $0.30 cent trailing stop since I thought this must be over bought and will be going down soon, and was able to sell my remaining 100 shares at $47.0417. So how much did I make? Let’s look at the numbers… Read More